Sunday, June 07, 2009

Work = Relaxation

A beautiful day in NYC should never be wasted. I started out on 42nd and 6th (that is the stop where I had the urge to bolt the subway, walked down to 34th and 5th (had to check out the sales at Shoemania), headed over to meet a friend at Penn Station, walked back to 46th and 6th (International Photography Center), up to Bloomingdales on 60th and Lexington, up to 77th and Madison for some really good gelato and then back to the subway at 53rd and 5th (yes, there are closer stops, but after the ice cream, I needed the exercise. I need to go to work tomorrow. Work is the most relaxing part of my week.

The main purpose of the trip was to go the the ICP to see the Richard Avedon fashion photographs. Looking at beautiful clothing is one of my favorite things to do. This time I really checked out the photography and looked for ways to try to incorporate some of the things I saw into my own pictures. No cameras are allowed in this museum so all I am posting are the people pictures I took on the subway. I've got some really great shots of the city as well, but no time now. I need a quick shower and then it is out again to dinner with a few friends at Croxley's. Yes, I'll say it again, work is my relaxation time.

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