Friday, June 05, 2009

Reality Check Needed

She made me laugh. She sat at her desk and taught, as if the room was full. In reality, only five kids were present. The kids were obviously bored out of their minds. They were yawning and doodling and one was playing solitaire on his laptop. The thing they were studying was hard, she said and they needed extra help. She kept telling them that the individual lesson she was teaching them was worth $100 an hour. The kids did not care.

The day was senior cut day, the day after the prom. The kids that went to the prom and came to school anyways were out of it. They came because they were screwing up all term and could not afford to miss any more days. Physically, they were in school, mentally they were elsewhere. The ones that did not go to the prom were sad about missing out on a fun night and now a fun day of continued partying with friends.

Ms. Teacher did not seem to notice. She kept going on and on about that thing she was teaching. I'm glad she had a good time. No one else did.

(I am too addicted to this blogging stuff. I am in the middle of writing up a practice sheet for my geometry kids final, but this is distracting me. I did read an article in Woman's Day that recommends blogging as a good way to relieve stress and I have to say, it does work for me.)

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