Saturday, June 27, 2009

Mr No Longer aka CL Emeritus

I should have written this post way before the last one. I can't believe I missed him. He is a worthy subject for my bitchiness.

Mr. No Longer has been our chapter leader for as long as I am at Packemin HS (1985) and for many years even before that. He is a huge over powering man who gives the appearance of knowing what is going on. In actuality, he only knows what is going on in every restaurant in NYC.

I met Mr. No Longer on my the first day at Packemin HS. He told me to see him about any problems. Now, the school I came from had a great CL who really knew answers and how to get things done so I assumed all CL's were the same (I was an excellent example of a stupid teacher back then) and went to him with a problem. His advice was awful. In fact, he went behind my back to Principal Fire and started the ball rolling to begin my reputation as a trouble maker.

After that episode, I avoided Mr. No Longer for three years. I only went to him then because I wanted to transfer to the math department (my license and my appointment was to that department from the special education department.) Mr. No Longer told me to wait and see what happened in September. By then it would have been too late. Once again, Mr. No Longer gave really bad advice. (I got lucky, the new spec ed chairman did not want me any more than the math chairman did but the math chairman got stuck with me because of my license.)

Over the years, Mr. No Longer was forced to run for CL again. Some years he ran unopposed. On the years when others went against him, he campaigned vigorously, became super useful and helpful and convinced enough of the stupids to vote for him. I'm proud to say I was never one of those stupids.

I was on the exec board with Mr. No Longer for years. It was one of the most frustrating experiences of my life. His issues were the only ones we ever discussed. I happily gave up my position as soon as someone else wanted it. I've never been known as a shrinking violet but even I could not get a word in with him around.

Well, Mr. No Longer is retiring. But, he still has to have his finger in the pot. Maybe he is related to Suit? He might even call himself CL Emeritus. He tried (unsuccessfully) to replace himself with a clone. He declared the delegate election which he ran illegal because of a technicality and ran a new election. He must really be pissed because he could not put the people in he wanted. Now he is trying a new tactic. He is trying to turn Mr. Tie into Mr. No Longer. This won't work. Mr. Tie is a man of intelligence and integrity whose interests include things that are not related to his appetite. Things are going to change for the better.


Chaz said...

There is nothing worse than a bad CL.

Anonymous said...

No, Chaz, there's nothing worse than a CL who aids administration in screwing those who he was "helping".No Longer would make people write their own grievances or he wouldn't file the grievance. Mr. Tie is a person of intellect, ethics and integrity. He's smart enough to listen, unlike No Longer, who consistently blew off, intimidated, and badmouthed his own chapter members. Mr. No Longer was everything a CL should not be. He was a resounding failure of a CL.

Anonymous said...

The important thing is that your staff smartened up and voted for Mr. Tie and others who have the interest of the staff and not themselves at heart.

I had a CC who also ran to the principal and I called her on it. She said she had to, and I reminded her that her job was to keep my concerns confidential. When I took over her job after she no longer wanted it, she tried every which way to undermine me, but it didn't work. When I left, she ran unopposed until the new CC who has won against her 2x.

Like most CC's she put her own concerns above others. She took her loss badly and left horrible notes in some mailboxes and refused to talk to others.

Such a grown-up world we live in.