Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Rubber Room Movie Trailer / www.rubberroommovie.com

Chi Town Girl and Mathematicamama asked me about the rubber room. The story in Yahoo (I won't even link it here) portrays the rubber room as a place where teachers sit and read and relax and do nothing to earn their $100,000 a year paycheck.

While their are teachers who should not be there, too many of my colleagues are being set up. The rubber room as too many senior teachers in it. People like Moriah (untamedteacher.blogspot.com and henry (http://getupstandupforurrights.blogspot.com/) are being framed by power hungry, vindictive principals.

I hope this video explains the true story to you.


chaz said...

Before Klein there were about 85 teachers in rubber rooms throughout the city. These teachers were accused of serious and usually criminal activities.

Under Klein the rubber rooms have 800 (not 700) teachers in the rubber rooms, 90% of them for minor or non existent issues. That is why only 10% of the teachers are terminated, the rest go back to school.

What a waste of money and resources.

ChiTown Girl said...

Thanks for posting the video. I don't even know what to say about this situation. It's crazy, for sure.

Anonymous said...

The 3020a regulations do not suggest removing a teacher from the classroom. Many of the nonserious allegations have nothing to do with teaching. Almost all of the internees return to teaching. Given those three facts, why are the rubber rooms so heavily populated? It is because DOE wants the internees to quit and has calculated that the conditions and depressing nature of the reassignement will induce resignation/retirement from the system. The more deplorable the conditions, goes the reasoning, the more likely teachers are to quit/resign or opt for unfavorable settlements.

In any case, the tenured pedagogue deserves much better.

I don't know the precise NYC regulations, but why aren't the teachers reassigned to their homes if they must be removed from the classroom? Probably because that is not so unpleasant and would not accomplish DOE goals as stated above. That is often done here on Long Island.

LI Educator