Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Bloomberg's Tax Shelter

It's funny how when things turn out good, that instead of being happy about the good turn out, you think about all the things that could have been done differently to make the good turn out even better.

The Math B results are almost in. I was able to find the papers of 6 of the kids I tutored on Monday and Tuesday, the kids that retook the regents without taking the class. Of these 6, 4 passed!!!! At least four more kids will be getting advanced diplomas because of the help I gave them. (Of course Mr. AP says it was a much easier regents than the one in January and that is why they did so much better, but I know the truth.) One girl told me she only took the exam because she was afraid I would call her mother (kids don't call me bull dog for nothing) if she didn't take it.

So now, instead of being happy, I am more pissed than usual. If it wasn't for the crazy overcrowding in our building, I would have been working with these kids for several weeks and more of them would be getting that advanced diploma.

Bloomberg, I know you don't care anything about me or my students but if I ever had an opportunity to meet you, I would tell you a thing or two. I am sure you don't read this blog, or even know that it exists, but since the face to face isn't coming off, I'll tell you what I think here:

You want schools to follow the business model. You run an extremely successful business, a business that has made you a billionaire. You didn't achieve this by cutting corners. You spent money hiring and nurturing your staff. You provided them with a comfortable working environment. You spent your money on your staff so they in turn could use your money to develop and market successful products. In other words, being successful requires a big outlay of money. You also hired people who knew the business. I am sure you would never have hired a teacher to be your CEO as a teachers knows nothing about business, yet you have filled the DOE with lawyers and businessmen and assorted other people that know nothing about education.

If parents could find good, neighborhood high schools, Packemin HS wouldn't be as overcrowded as it is. There would have been rooms available for kids to get the help they needed. There would be more kids doing better in school.

Mayor Moneybags, my big question to you is if education is a business, why aren't you treating us like one? Or maybe you are. Are we the business you are using on your income tax as a loss? Are we your tax shelter?


appple said...

you know you have been getting a lot of public recognition lately on gothamschools and other sites, so it is possible that our mayor knows you, and i hope you do get to say that to his face someday soon.

Anonymous said...

PO'ed, if what I hear is correct, you'll have a chance of meeting Bloomberg at graduation tomorrow if you go

Pissedoffteacher said...

My husband warned me about behaving if I ever do have a chance of meeting Mayor Moneybags. He's making me leave my "BS" button at home.

mathman42 said...

The rubber room awaits.

Pissedoffteacher said...

ME??? The rubber room awaits me????

Anonymous said...