Friday, April 30, 2010

Right Of Privacy

No AP should follow a teacher into the toilet and no AP should be addressing a teacher while the teacher is sitting on the pot. The teacher has the right to a peaceful pee which is exactly what she told the AP.

I guess they don't teach you this in buy your diploma administration school.


They had the opportunity to express how they really felt about her and they wimped out. It was very disappointing.

Thursday, April 29, 2010

His Balls Were In An Uproar

" Her panties were in a knot", and "his shorts were too tight", are both expressions I've heard and used many times. "His balls were in an uproar" is a new expression to me. A colleague used to describe an individual we were with this week. Just thinking about this gives me the giggles.

City Pushing Major Changes In Special Education

According to an article in today's NY Times, the city is pushing for more special education students to be enrolled in regular regular high schools and by 2011 principals of all but the most severely disabled students will be expected to enroll these students.

You can and should read the entire article for yourself, but I had to comment on it here . The Bloomberg administration is swearing up and down that they are not doing this to save money, they are doing this as an effort to improve results for special education students.

While graduation rates have risen over all, for example, the rates for special education students have remained stubbornly low — fewer than 25 percent received a regular diploma last year, compared with more than double that for
traditional students.

Hello!!!! Doesn't anyone out there realize there is a reason for this? Special education means special needs. There is a reason these kids don't graduate and that more often than not this has little to do with the programs they are in (unless they are forced into academic programs beyond their capacity to learn.)

More and more ISS students are mainstreamed every day. This is good when they have the ability, with a little extra assistance, to succeed. For these kids, we have a moral and a legal obligation to provide for them in the least restrictive environment possible. But, there are kids that just can't make it here. A child who enters high school reading and doing math on a third grade (or lower) level cannot possibly succeed. Put these kids in a class with 34 other kids and look out. They will probably just get swallowed up in the crowd. In just a year, the schools will not be equipped to handle the needs of these children. Not only will principals not be ready, teachers will not be ready either.

“If kids are stuck in schools that don’t have the capacity to serve them and are denied requests to move elsewhere, that would be falling worse than flat.”

The second page of the article goes on to discuss some of the issues I am bring up here. There is a poignant story from a parent of a special needs child who succeeded because he was first enrolled in a special program and by a principal and by the Principal's union.

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

I'm Not A Good Teacher

Good teachers let their students know how they will be graded and report card marks are not surprises to their students.

I'm not a good teacher. My ninth period students expect grades of 90 when their highest test grade all semester has been a 65. I have a student who doesn't understand why he cannot pass in spite of the fact he hasn't opened a notebook since day one and he has never done more than put his name on an exam. The boy who comes and stares off into space but managed to get a 67 on one exam also feels he should be passing. Some of my college students are just as bad. They don't do homework, fail exams, come to class late and leave early but need the class to graduate and they expect to pass.

If my grading rubric was 40% attendance, 40% socialization with friends, 10% playing with a cell phone, and 10% everything else, I would understand their shock at not making it. I don't think that is what I told them I expected them to do, but I guess I am wrong.

I'm not a very good teacher.

Tuesday, April 27, 2010


I have some unsolicited advice for some of my colleagues who are flipping out about things administrators are saying to them lately. I have said these things in person, and people have not always reacted well, but I still think they are worth repeating here.

1. An admin asking to talk to you is not always a reason to worry. Amazingly, they do say things that are not disciplinary.

2. Admins are supervisors and as such have the right and the obligation to make comments, suggestions and even criticisms of your lesson. Most of these comments do not lead to "U" ratings (at least in my school for the majority of teachers) so smile, agree and say you will do your best to implement these ideas. Try their suggestions, after all, they might not know their ass from their elbow, but they are the bosses and the ones who will be evaluating you..

3. Do not agonize over anything said. As long as the bottom line has the word satisfactory in it (whether it is minimally, marginally, barely or anything else they can come up with) don't sweat it.

4. Grab a pen and a pad and go observe your AP teaching. I guarantee you will make that person as uncomfortable as you are if you write, look up, and then write again. No one likes being put on the hot seat.

5. Don't show fear. If your admin is a bully, she will pounce on this weakness. Don't show too much arrogance either. Just stay firm, agree with as much as possible and try to leave smiling, even if you are seething inside.

Bottom line, you can't change anyone but yourself. There are lots of evil people in this world, but not all are harmful to your livelihood or your income and sometimes you have to just grin and bear it. Believe me, I've worked for some of the worst. The guy who used to be in charge of the ISS department hated me before he knew me, threw me out of his department and spread terrible rumors about me and my teaching ability. It took years of hard work to prove his stories false. These were words, nasty hurtful words but never once was my job in danger.

The admins you hate are not nice. Deal with it. Have faith and confidence in yourself and ignore the sometimes hurtful words that come out of their mouths. You can't change them. You can change the way you look at them.

Monday, April 26, 2010

3 Mo' Divas

Saturday night I had the opportunity to see Three Mo' Divas at Queens College. Our English AP has connections that allow her to offer us free tickets to some pretty wonderful events.

The only regret I have is that the tickets were not available earlier. What a wonderful opportunity it would have been for our students to see these three classically trained singers at work. This performance was part of the Black Cultural Arts Series. The audience represented every race and the show was loved by all.

Ms Bigmouth And The AP

Ms. Bigmouth stopped the AP in the hall today after another department meeting where senior teachers were constantly being berated and accused of not being effective. She pulled the AP aside and asked to speak, as a friend, prefacing her comments with "You will probably not be happy with what I am about to say, but I am going to say it anyway." Then she began:

You made some wonderful points at the meeting. I know there were things you said that I need to work on but, all anyone hears at the meeting is "senior teacher this, and senior teacher that" and quite frankly, we can't get past that. (The AP offered defense but Ms. Bigmouth wanted no part of it.) I am telling you what we hear and because of that, nothing else registers and we have no desire to try to implement any of your suggestions. The way you talk about teachers is wrong. We all know who you are referring to in your generalities and its not nice and its not appropriate. You have to express everything you said in more general terms and on a more positive note. When we met after you observed me, you began the meeting on a very positive, respectful note. Because of that, I listened to what you had to say, realized what I did and what I need to do differently and I have been attempting to do them. You can catch more flies with honey than vinegar and some teachers, like students need the extra TLC.

For once, the AP listened. Ms. Bigmouth evaluated the situation and was sure the AP did get it and would make an effort to do things differently in the future. Ms. Bigmouth went home feeling good about herself. She just finished telling me this story and asked me to write what she hopes will be a happy ending for all.

Lip Service

I filed my first grievance in over 25 years last week. I've never needed to file one before as I've always been able to work out problems without going through this procedure. I probably could have this time as well, but, this one on needs to be on record.

I won't settle for a lip service answer.

Sunday, April 25, 2010

Ed Reform

From NEA Today -- read the article here

Favorite Period Of The Day

I'm working on this project which involves kids giving up their lunch period one day a week. I approached one of the young ladies in the group and told her we were going to start this week and that she could bring her lunch up to the room we would be working in. She just looked at me and said, "But Ms, I love my lunch period."

I know how she feels. She's is a lovely, hard working young lady in the bottom third of the school. She has a full academic load and it is hard for her. And now, I am going to be stealing the one period she has to relax. I'm going to bring the kids donuts and try to make it fun but, work is work. I hope she doesn't start hating me.

Nasty Words

My colleague's AP said "In a few years, when all you senior teachers are gone, I will finally have the kind of department I want."

Teachers better not lose seniority rights with administrators like this around.

Saturday, April 24, 2010

Bloomberg and Company Discussing Education Statistics

Dumping and Merit Pay

My friend Ricochet in Georgia is very worried about merit pay as she, and all teachers should be.

She doesn't mention anything about "dumping" so dumping might not be done in her district but it is done in mine. "Dumping" occurs when kids failing one class are suddenly put in another class with another teacher. Certain teachers are always permitted to "dump" kids and their statistics are always good. Certain teachers are always given the "dumped" kids and their statistics show this as well.

At our union meeting we discussed this dumping and one teacher felt it was a good thing because "some kids do better with certain teachers." While this is true, it is not fair. These certain teachers don't deserve the problems just because they can handle them and they certainly should not be taking hits in the pocketbook because they do a good job.

I'm known as the 60% woman because I am one of the certain teachers. I always resented being dumped on but lately it has gotten out of hand, particularly when we are constantly being compared and put down when our stats don't measure up.

Merit pay will do nothing to improve education and in my opinion, it will only make it worse. The teachers that have a choice will never voluntarily work with problem and struggling students. These kids will always be left with the inexperienced teachers and the teachers without the ability to say no.

You can't get water from a stone and you can't get everyone to learn everything.

The Queen

She makes the rules but doesn't follow them herself. The kids are still getting shafted as far as this is concerned. But, she's queen, she says she can do as she wishes and she does.

Friday, April 23, 2010

Another Crazy In My Class

She looked like an angel, but I new she was trouble the minute she walked into my ninth period class last week. Cathy, a new admit to the school, came into the class, notebook in hand, and sat down ready to work amidst the normal lunacy. Little by little, the cell phone made an appearance and it became a constant battle to get her to put it away.

Yesterday I asked her where she transferred from. When she mentioned the school (which is less than two miles from Packemin) I knew I was right but tried not to be too judgemental. My husband came up with all kinds of good reasons she transferred now, but we all know kids don't change schools in April without cause.

Today, I walked into the room and saw Cathy standing over Kevin, a huge boy of a different race and she was going crazy, cursing, swinging her arms and looking for a fight. Kevin just sat there but I know him well enough to know he was not an innocent bystander. Being chicken, I stayed in front of the room and called Mr. AP and security. Luckily, they all came running and the fight was averted.

I came home and told the story to my husband who said, "Of course she ended up in your class. All the crazies end up there." Oh well, 34 days until the end of classes.

Delivered As Promised

I bitched, I got what I wanted and I wimped out.

The school is offering Smart Board training and I signed up immediately but when I got the acceptance letter, I saw it involved 17 hours, some days for two hours at a time, others for three hours. I wanted to do it but these old bones can't handle that many hours after a full day of work so I turned it down.

I heard there is a waiting list so I don't feel so bad. At least someone will learn use it wisely.

(I am still green with envy every time I walk by a room where someone is using one.)

Thursday, April 22, 2010

The Chihuahua and BooBoo

The chihuahua was little but that did not mean she wasn't evil. She snarled and growled and sunk her teeth into anyone who did not conform to her idea of perfection.

Poor little BooBoo was recently rescued and brought to the chihuahua's shelter. Chihuahua took an immediate dislike to BooBoo because BooBoo did not act like the other dogs. BooBoo came from a home where she was beaten regularly and subject to all sorts of abuses. The other dogs felt sorry for BooBoo and tried to ease her pain. Chihuahua objected to their being nice to her. Chihuahua said the shelter was no place for coddling and it was not there to make up for the shortcomings of Booboo's previous existence. Chihuahua took a huge bite out of Cindy's leg when Cindy tried to help Booboo. Cindy cried out in pain. The other dogs ran away. Chihuahua then turned her evilness full force on Booboo who will never be able to lead a normal life again.

(Look at little BooBoo's face. Can you imagine anything that looks like this being treated so poorly?

The Buffoon Does It Again

The buffoon has not learned. He still expects everyone to jump through his hoops when he needs a form filled out. Again he e-mailed the form and accused everyone who did not fill it in of misplacing it.

I told the stuffed suit I would only fill out a hard copy and he got pissy and started talking about all the kids on his caseload (as if I have none of my own to worry about.) He told me I am the only one with a problem doing it his way. I told him I guess I am not as good as everyone else. He walked out in a huff. I sat down at a cafeteria computer feeling victorious.

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Stop Looking For The Nazis Under Your Bed

My Aunt Ida is afraid of everything, and has been for as long as I can remember. She was a young adult during World War II and always worried about the Nazis coming to get her, even though she lived her entire life in Brooklyn and the Bronx.

There are lots of teachers with 20 or more years experience and no negative file letters who share the same mentality. Fear is emitted from every pore of their body after every encounter with an administrator, no matter how harmless or meaningless it is. They have simple requests, but are afraid to voice them. They worry when an admin walks in their room but are afraid to ask why. They agonize and fantasize the worst case scenarios but do nothing to help alleviate the pain.

A group of teachers planned a meeting with an admin to discuss a relevant issue. At first, they were all gung ho. They started getting nervous and little by little, they dropped out of the discussion and claimed they were not a part of it to begin with and did not want to get on any body's bad side. They all waited for someone else to do the deed.

The fact of the matter is that bad things happen to good people and teachers are no exception. But, hiding in a closet is not going to keep the Nazis away. If they want someone, they will get them. Me, I'm a resistance fighter. I might have some fears but I will not show them and if I lose, I'll make sure I cause some injury on the way down. We wonder how the teaching profession has changed so drastically but it is obvious when you look around.

I started teaching a zillion years ago, in the 70's. I went on strike, risked my job, jail and got hit with Taylor Law penalties. The economy wasn't so great then, but it was the right thing to do. I have no regrets. I had an AP that was the devil herself. As a department, we united and fought her. We refused to speak at meetings. Our CL, with our support, lived in the Principal's office. The principal fought hard and got her to retire. We won because we stood together and were not afraid.

Standing up is not easy but it is the only way. The only person anyone can depend upon is themselves and if everyone does this, think of the strong group we would create. We could stop hiding and defeat those Nazis under the bed.

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

I really need to send this, but don't have the courage to do so yet. I need to get things off my chest and this is as good a place as any. She doesn't read this blog so she won't know it is here,

To My former friend:

We were friends, good friends but gradually things changed. Two summers ago you told me you had no time to get together, even for a cup of coffee. Last summer it took you a month to return my first phone call, another month to return my second phone call and my third phone call you ignored. You dropped out of our birthday group without an explanation and only bothered to tell one person whose job it was to pass on your message. You ignored the birthday card I sent and the phone call I made on your birthday and you forgot I even had one. On the day of my birthday celebration you discussed, in my face, how you were going to celebrate thr birthday of someone else. You've let me know loud and clear you have no time for my friendship and though it bothers me, I will move on. I've learned you can't control anything but yourself so I won't bother trying.

Now, you pass me in the hall and want to chat. You see me at after school activities and retirement parties and act like everything is the same as it has always been . It is easy for you to be friendly at these events, it requires no exertion on your part. It is not the same for me. I can't be phony and pretend everything is honky dory when its not. You see, I have a busy life too and I don't have time for people who don't have time for me.

A mutual friend told me to talk to you but since you don't return phone calls, this is impossible. Besides, there is nothing more to be said. By saying nothing, you've said it all. I know you are a good person with a good heart and I wish you all the best. I always enjoyed your company and your friendship and I think you used to feel the same about mine. I don't know what changed. I do know that I wish you all the best.

Your former friend,


Monday, April 19, 2010

Buffoon In A Suit

He didn't answer my last e-mail which is good. I got the last word in and that was all I wanted.

I'll decide how and when a conversation is to take place.

Bitching Again

We are finally getting the ceiling fixed (after all the wait, insurance isn't even covering the job) so I knew I would have no access to my printer and decided to do a bunch of work for tomorrow in school. Guess what? The printer in the cafeteria is not working again. The printer in the teachers' work room was out of paper and is only working with a manual feed.

This is what happens when over 300 people have two printers available for use.

Thanks Bloomberg. Keep spending that money on Acuity tests. It is really helping us all out.

McGraw Hill Stockhold Shows Big Gains

At a time when money is tight, the DOE is spending a fortune on Acuity tests for the students scheduled to take the integrated algebra regents in June. The test is designed (supposedly) to point out the areas the students need more work in because teachers are not capable of figuring this out on their own. (We only test and assess our students daily but this is obviously not good enough.) Teachers have only done this by themselves since the beginning of time but the big shot politicians have to take care of their wealthy friends and these lucrative contracts must be given out. School budgets are being cut all over the place, services to children are being withdrawn, but McGraw Hill stockholders are still bringing in the big bucks. When I think of the waste involved with this testing I get physically ill. To add insult to this injury, teacher salaries, pensions and unions are still being blamed for the financial woes of the system.

Aside from the financial strain, there was the waste of time component. A full period was spent administering this exam, a period that could have better been spent on learning. Some of the topics on the exam have not even been taught yet. No computer program is needed to tell a breathing teacher that the kids will not know these topics.

It is time for the general public to wake up and realize that politicians do not care one iota about improving education. They care about making themselves look good and about increasing the spending money of their cronies. We've got to take a stand, for us, for our children and for future generations.

Sunday, April 18, 2010


The AP of a very prestigious school in a "B" borough has decided that all incoming students should take geometry or a more advanced course, even if they never took algebra. The AP wants all the students to be able to take calculus before they graduate.
This sounds good, but there is a major problem. THE KIDS KNOW NO ALGEBRA! They can barely solve a linear equation, let alone a quadratic one. They know nothing of polynomials, like terms, or radicals.

The saddest part of all this is that they will probably pass the geometry regents. I just read a statistic that says 74% of the kids who took it last year passed and since these kids are very bright, they will pass. The school might even be able to pull off some miracle and get them into calculus, but at what cost? And, with all the pressure being put on teachers, these kids will pass calculus as well. Following an education plan like this will surely make NYC school children "Race To The Top" losers.

If You Want To Share Some Love....

This guys owner died and he needs a new home. The staff is confident he will find one soon.
This baby is just so sweet. Someone is bound to bring her home soon.

This one just wanted out of that cage.

Casey was yelping like a wild man.

Petey is 6 years old and has been in the shelter for 2.5 years. He is so sweet. He just watched his surroundings without making a sound.

Bobbi and the Strays rescues pets, provides care and tries to find the loving homes that they deserve. If you are looking for a new addition to your family, give them a look. They are in the Atlas Mall, in Queens.

They Deserve The Risk Of Failure

Some kids in the second term of a four term algebra class I was covered last week asked me to teach them some advanced stuff. They felt the material they were being taught was too easy and they wanted to move ahead. They asked for proofs and I assumed they were referring to the ones the kids do in geometry. I also knew there was no way to get them to understand those in such a short period of time. And, then I thought, why not show them the proof where 1 = 2. This proof involves factoring and fractions, two topics they were currently studying. The strange part (for me) was that many of them were interested in it (unlike my class of the same level that is interested in nothing) and several of the kids actually got it.

One girl, Isabella, really got to me. She wanted her class changed to the two term algebra, the class she had started the year in. She told me she had a lot of trouble last term, got a 55 in January but has since gotten a tutor and was doing much better. She told me she and her parents feel that she is wasting her time in the current class and because of the extra year being spent in algebra, she knows she will never make it to high school calculus or pre-calculus. I only spent a short time with her, but the feeling I had was that she was right, she was wasting her time. She might not have gotten 90's but she would have made it through. She needed time to adjust to high school and was moved way too fast. Isabella is ambitious. She wants to get back on track. She's willing to do the extra work. The worse thing that could happen to her is that she fails and, if that happens, she can always go into a four term class in September. I don't know if this is a possibility. Kids are still being moved around, I got a new one last week. It would be great if she can be moved too. I hope she,and her parents follow through, fidn someone with the authority to make the change, and insist on her making the move.

The wholesale dumping we do has got to stop. On the record, kids are no longer being tracked in school. Off the record, tracking is as strong now as ever.

Saturday, April 17, 2010

Had To Post This One

I don't know if this is considered to be a good photo or not, my husband says its too blurred, but I loved the fuzzy look of the kid in the air.

Friday, April 16, 2010

International Festival

Ribbon Dancers from China
Columbian Salsa dancers

Lion Dance

Fan Dance

Hatian dancers
The best thing about Packemin HS is its multi culturism. Tonight, the celebration took place in our annual International Festival. Boys from girls, from all over the world, came to the stage to share a dance, a song, a kung fu move, from their country of birth, or some other country they either have a relative or a friend from. Boys from India danced hip hop with kids from Queens. Caucasians joined African Americans in stepping (moves used by slaves to communicate with each other when communication was forbidden). Pictured above are just represent a small number of the events of the evening.

(I would put up more pictures but I am out of space again. I still have to figure out a way to fix this.)

Pompous Ass

This guy has more stuffing than a thanksgiving turkey.

If you wish to discuss this, come to my office. As I said in the previous email, I sent you the form by email twice!!! If you choose not to print it, that is your choice to not contribute. As for filling out the form, no teacher report is meaningless as it becomes a part of the student file which is used now, and in the future for services planning. I will not continue this dialogue any more by email.

(All this in answer to my trying to get the form and getting it too late to be meaningful. The student had resource room ripped from him because his mom went back and forth about his need for it. )

I sent one more e-mail to tell him there is no conversation to continue. Pompous Ass!

Thursday, April 15, 2010

From My Warped Friend

I don't know if this is true, or an urban legend, but it was too good not to pass along. Thanks to my buddy, the Queen of the Nile, for sharing.

Apparently no one considered the sun when designing this wall

Anyone want to take a guess where this wall is located?


Now, I don't care who you are, THAT'S funny!.

About Time

On my request, Mr. AP removed a boy from the period 9 class. After class, Mr. AP looked at me and said, "There is something wrong with that kid. He's crazy."

It's about time the admins are starting to admit they see the same things we teachers see.

No Need To Worry

People always say they are worried about the future of the country based on the caliber of students they are teaching and what they see of the young people in America today.

I'm not worried. Pictured above, is just one example of the good hands our country will be in. This boy is an Arista member, an AP calculus student, an AP physics students, a member of the jazz band, the marching band and the concert band and the catcher on our school baseball team. This boy, is just one example of some of the fine young people at Packemin HS.

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Now I Know Why I Drink It

From a heath article in Newsday--Chase it with beer (in moderation). the bitter compounds that come from beer derived from hops seem to activate PPARs (at least in animal studies). Those are the substances in your body that some foods and beverages stimulate and that may have ani-infammatory effects. Once they're activated, they also decrease glucose and insulin levels, as well as lousy LDL cholesterol.

(Simple Steps Newsday April 13, 2010)

Are You Telling Me How To Do My Job?

He is such a nasty little f**k. Yes, you read that right. I don't usually use that language here but I can't help myself this time. Read all about it here.

Student Teacher Saga Continues

The student teacher taught a good lesson, thanks to the help of Mrs. X and Mr. T and no thanks to the cooperating teacher who left her to figure things out by herself. Mr. T gave up a big part of his prep to go over the lesson and offer ideas to K while the cooperating teacher went off to do her own stuff. Mrs. X gave up her lunch to watch K teach the same lesson two periods before the observer came and offered some good advice. The cooperating teacher commented on K's handwriting and told K things to do that the observer objected to.

Poor K, she is caught in the middle, knowing what she should do and knowing what she has to do. Her cooperating teacher is not helpful but she can't complain. She needs to keep her on her good side to get through the semester. Luckily there is only a short time left and K knows she will be able to find a way to survive. Luckily, the cooperating teacher is happy to have Mrs. X and Mr. T helping K out. She has one less thing to do.

Dressed Up

The pretty clothes don't hide the evilness within. This is one vicious chihuahua.

At Least Use The Correct Words

Mr. Porno's mom finally came in today, all defensive of her little darling. The dean in charge was great so the meeting did end on a positive note, but oh, until we got there.

Mr. Porno doesn't see any problem with walking around the room. To quote him, "I'm not a slave, I shouldn't have to be in a seat all period long."

Mr. Porno is not passing English either.

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

He Made My Night

I tortured him by calling his mom almost daily. I picked on him endlessly when he did no homework and came to class late. I supported him when he told me he wanted to be an engineer and his guidance counselor said it would never happen because of his grades. He graduated in June, is doing well in college and he just sent me this e-mail, which made my night.
This is NAYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY! oh my god Mrs POd i miss u tons, that is why me and Vicki is going to come visit you tomorrow, my BEST FAVORITE TEACHER in the whole wide world.!

Remember--I taught him math, not English and please don't judge him by the grammar in this e-mail. He knows the proper way to write. He was just being his funny self.
(I used to call him yea because nay made me think of a horse.)


When a teacher goes to the AP for help that teacher should get help, not told what a bad teacher s/he is. The teacher should not be abused because the student cursed him/her out.

I never go to the AP of my department and advise others to stay away as well. I either handle problems myself or find someone else who is willing and capable of helping. This is not the proper but it is the only thing thing to do . Most teachers follow proper channels.

Teaching some kids is a very trying experience. Admins are supposed to be around to help, not to hurt.

Monday, April 12, 2010

I'm The Wrong Person To Start With

The Suit (or some one he considers an underling and sent to the first floor) left me the form today, finally, which I promptly filled out and added all the things he either stripped the kid of or did not know to offer. Nothing will be done with it as the IEP has already been written, but, still, I did what I thought was best.

I could have handed it to the secretary to return to him but left it in his mailbox on the first floor instead. Not a big inconvenience, but an inconvenience nevertheless.

Let this be a lesson to all. Don't start with me. I am a real bad loser. You will not win.

Public Service Announcement

Got this in a comment. Thought it should be shared:

Can you please help get the word out on this petition we are circulating.

The school "47" educates deaf & hard of hearing students.
They want to place another school in the building. Doing so would make it dangerously overcrowded. Would appreicate it if you would sign and pass it on.

Thanks for your support.

Cut Their Salaries

I totally agree with the article in today's NY Post, NY School Spending Doesn't Add Up. Teachers are paid too much damn money.

I propose teachers roll back their salaries to those of 1964. Teachers don't need housing and food. Their children don't need college educations. Thrift stores can provide them with all the clothing they need. They don't need cars either. Traveling by foot is a perfectly good mode of transportation, the longer the trip, the better the excercise they will get. There is no need to compensate them for their additional degrees and credits earned. And, while we are at it, maybe we can take away health coverage as well.

And, since we are saving money on teachers, we will have more to spend on school surveys. Parents and students have been filling them out for weeks and I got one to fill out today. The card I was given (as we were all given) is 8.5" by 11.0". If salaries are cut, a larger sized cardboard could be used and it could be printed with more vibrant colors. Think of the thousands spent to devise this survey. This amount could be worked up to millions, easily, if only those teachers did not have to get paid so much. And then there are the people that will collect the data, organize it, analyze it, draw the conclusions that Bloomberg wants drawn, and then toss this information in the trash. With more money to be spent, more questions could be answered and the data analysis companies could be better paid.

Raymond Keating is so right. If not for teacher salaries, the city would be in much better fiscal condition.