Saturday, April 03, 2010

Spring Break In The City

Passover makes it impossible for us to travel on spring break. All the holiday preparations and cooking makes it hard to even do city stuff so, when the time permits a weeks worth of adventure must be condensed into one day.

Today's adventure started with a LIRR ride to Penn station where I drooled over the most delicious looking gelato and vowed to return as soon as Passover is over.

Next came a visit to the Macy's Flower Show, a sight to behold. Although I preferred last year's Flamingos, this year's show was equally as spectacular.

Then, it was on to FIT, to see the Delman shoe exhibit, which closed today. I had never heard of Delman shoes, but seeing them made me want to wear them.

I wish they weren't so expensive and I wasn't so cheap. We also got to see the mannequin exhibit. Each was dressed by a different group of students with a special theme. This was my favorite. The Bloomingdale bags had intricate cut outs on them.

After that, it was a walk over to the Agora Gallery to see the Lego brick sculptures of Nathan Sawaya. This exhibit only runs until April 13 so try to get there if you can. If not, at least click on the link to see the fabulous stuff this guy does with Legos. This was my favorite, but the others were just as interesting. Since the High Line was nearby and the weather was perfect, we strolled the park from beginning to end.
We exited in the Meat Packing District and continued walking south to Century 21. From there, we stopped in a great little coffee shop, the Financier, where I got to watch my friend devour a delicious looking pastry (none for me due to Passover) and then it was back to the subway and home.

More pictures on facebook--no restrictions so you don't need to be a friend to see them.


NYC Educator said...

Is there bread in Gelato? If there is, I don't see why you want it so bad.

Pissedoffteacher said...

No bread in gelato but its not Kosher for Passover, either. Food intake is really restricted because I try to observe the holiday completely.