Monday, April 19, 2010

Bitching Again

We are finally getting the ceiling fixed (after all the wait, insurance isn't even covering the job) so I knew I would have no access to my printer and decided to do a bunch of work for tomorrow in school. Guess what? The printer in the cafeteria is not working again. The printer in the teachers' work room was out of paper and is only working with a manual feed.

This is what happens when over 300 people have two printers available for use.

Thanks Bloomberg. Keep spending that money on Acuity tests. It is really helping us all out.

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Ms. Havisham said...

How about when they spend money at Packeminanscrewem High School on MOCK quality reviews? Does the administration pay for these bozos with MOCK money? Their priorities are just slightly skewed.....all about data, not about the kids we actually teach.