Thursday, April 08, 2010

I Wanted To But Couldn't

I want to drive a truck, but I haven't had the opportunity to do so yet.

I'm trying to help my ISS students. That is more difficult. At least I know where to take truck driving lessons.

When I got an e-mail telling me one of my students would need a form filled out as he is up for his triennial, I looked for the form. When I never received it, I sent an e-mail letting the party in charge know. I got no response. I saw the party in charge a few days later and asked for it. I got a shrug of the shoulders and told that it would be given out soon. When a week passed, and I still did not receive it, I asked another teacher if she received the form. She said she got it after asking twice. Again, I sent an e-mail, to which I got the reply "It was in your mailbox, someone must have taken it." No one ever takes anything from my mailbox and I can guarantee and evaluation form would not be stolen. Finally, I got a form e-mailed to me but, since the person in charge does no work outside the office, I decided to wait to download the attachment at work. Unfortunately, I not only could I not open my DOE mail today, I could not even get the printer to work. I was told I could come up to the office and pick up a hard copy but the person in charge could just as easily deliver it to me. After all, that person needs my input to do the job. Meanwhile, the resource room teacher told me the meeting already took place.

So, don't tell me I would find a way to go to these meetings if I really wanted to. (read the comment section) I really wanted to have some input for this kid. I have some real ideas as to what he needs. The system makes it really hard or impossible to implement them.


Anonymous said...

After your last meeting, it sounds like this was a deliberate move for you not to be involved.

Pissedoffteacher said...

Nope--totally involved different people and I made an effort that was not reciprocated.

All I wanted to do was fill out the form.

Liberty Rose said...

Dear GOD! How have so many in education become so damn incompetent and ineffective? It makes doing what is right just about impossible for those of us still in the game with good intentions.
This is why I am on a one year leave. It was that or do things I would surely regret.