Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Student Teacher Saga Continues

The student teacher taught a good lesson, thanks to the help of Mrs. X and Mr. T and no thanks to the cooperating teacher who left her to figure things out by herself. Mr. T gave up a big part of his prep to go over the lesson and offer ideas to K while the cooperating teacher went off to do her own stuff. Mrs. X gave up her lunch to watch K teach the same lesson two periods before the observer came and offered some good advice. The cooperating teacher commented on K's handwriting and told K things to do that the observer objected to.

Poor K, she is caught in the middle, knowing what she should do and knowing what she has to do. Her cooperating teacher is not helpful but she can't complain. She needs to keep her on her good side to get through the semester. Luckily there is only a short time left and K knows she will be able to find a way to survive. Luckily, the cooperating teacher is happy to have Mrs. X and Mr. T helping K out. She has one less thing to do.

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