Friday, April 23, 2010

Another Crazy In My Class

She looked like an angel, but I new she was trouble the minute she walked into my ninth period class last week. Cathy, a new admit to the school, came into the class, notebook in hand, and sat down ready to work amidst the normal lunacy. Little by little, the cell phone made an appearance and it became a constant battle to get her to put it away.

Yesterday I asked her where she transferred from. When she mentioned the school (which is less than two miles from Packemin) I knew I was right but tried not to be too judgemental. My husband came up with all kinds of good reasons she transferred now, but we all know kids don't change schools in April without cause.

Today, I walked into the room and saw Cathy standing over Kevin, a huge boy of a different race and she was going crazy, cursing, swinging her arms and looking for a fight. Kevin just sat there but I know him well enough to know he was not an innocent bystander. Being chicken, I stayed in front of the room and called Mr. AP and security. Luckily, they all came running and the fight was averted.

I came home and told the story to my husband who said, "Of course she ended up in your class. All the crazies end up there." Oh well, 34 days until the end of classes.

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