Wednesday, April 28, 2010

I'm Not A Good Teacher

Good teachers let their students know how they will be graded and report card marks are not surprises to their students.

I'm not a good teacher. My ninth period students expect grades of 90 when their highest test grade all semester has been a 65. I have a student who doesn't understand why he cannot pass in spite of the fact he hasn't opened a notebook since day one and he has never done more than put his name on an exam. The boy who comes and stares off into space but managed to get a 67 on one exam also feels he should be passing. Some of my college students are just as bad. They don't do homework, fail exams, come to class late and leave early but need the class to graduate and they expect to pass.

If my grading rubric was 40% attendance, 40% socialization with friends, 10% playing with a cell phone, and 10% everything else, I would understand their shock at not making it. I don't think that is what I told them I expected them to do, but I guess I am wrong.

I'm not a very good teacher.


Mrs. Chili said...

I'm not a good teacher either.

Mamacita (The REAL one) said...

Neither am I.

Anonymous said...

Here's another math teacher who's not good either!

I have a female student who comes to my class once a week, does not take out her notebook, and interrupts the lesson asking for a one-to-one lesson because she doesn't understand the material. I told her I teach to the entire class. She then asked if I can give her extra credit work so she can pass the class. Mine you, she's a senior who's also failing 4other subject classes. Since she paid her senior dues, she really thinks she's graduating. I specifically told her I don't give extra credit work. I teach; therefore, she must be present to learn.

She stormed out of my room and said I'm a lousy teacher. Oh well!

Ricochet said...

Me too. I gave a test where the average grade is a 90. I gave them a study guide. Richard didn't fill it out. I made him copy mine. I gave him the test (they can use the study guide) - after two days he has a 20. After one day the average was 90.

I cannot imagine how the conversation with his father will go. The last time, his father said he was lazy and fail him.

At least it is a short conversation.