Thursday, April 15, 2010

No Need To Worry

People always say they are worried about the future of the country based on the caliber of students they are teaching and what they see of the young people in America today.

I'm not worried. Pictured above, is just one example of the good hands our country will be in. This boy is an Arista member, an AP calculus student, an AP physics students, a member of the jazz band, the marching band and the concert band and the catcher on our school baseball team. This boy, is just one example of some of the fine young people at Packemin HS.


Ms. Havisham said...

All we hear about is that lower 1/3...there will ALWAYS be a lower 1/3 no matter what devious methods are used to measure about focusing on the upper 2/3 for a change?

reality-based educator said...

Great point, Miss Havisham. There is always a "crisis" in this country - Sputnik, the missile gap, etc. - that they use to get everybody up in arms and ready to do or spend whatever it takes to "close the gap."

Remember how the Japanese were going to do us in with their superior education system, technology and work ethic.

The Japanese economy has been in the toil since 1990.

Now we hear how wonderful the South Korean education system is and how well South Koreans do on tests and how if we don't do something quick like make school all year round, ten hours a day, six days a week, abolish teacher tenure, and track test scores in every class in every grade the South Koreans will bury us.

Or something like that.

Meanwhile the real reasons why we are being buried - globalization, free trade that benefits the few and enslaves the many, and the greed of the corporate overlords and the politicians they own never gets the credit for the mess.