Thursday, April 08, 2010

Let The Experts Provide The Answers

I taught them how to add polynomials and emphasized combining like terms only.

Then, we multiplied a binomial by a binomial and they don't get why x^2 + 2x is not equal to 3x^3.

Even the kids that do the work and try have zero retention. and have absolutely no idea about doing problems with mixed operations.

Now, we are factoring. They did okay when it came to finding the greatest common factor, they liked factoring the difference of two perfect squares and they even got factoring trinomials when all the signs are positive, but, when they see all these problems together, they are lost.

I think I need Bloomberg, Klein, Rhee, Obama, Duncan or Gates to come in and teach me how to get them to retain the information and use it properly. These guys seem to have all the education answers. Let's see them put them to practice in a real life situation.

(I don't know what that stop sign is supposed to be stopping but it's purpose reminded me of my purpose in this class.)

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Marina said...

How old are these children? My younger brother was having the same problem with adding polynomials. After I explained for a long time how (and why) he should add terms, I happened to comment "it's like adding amounts of money, dollars with dollars, rubles with rubles, eurons and euros and so on...". I didn't intend do create a mnemonic scheme (as I usually don't do so to others), but he finally got it! I wonder wheter he understood all the mathematical implications in dealing with polynomials, we're still working on that.