Friday, April 16, 2010

International Festival

Ribbon Dancers from China
Columbian Salsa dancers

Lion Dance

Fan Dance

Hatian dancers
The best thing about Packemin HS is its multi culturism. Tonight, the celebration took place in our annual International Festival. Boys from girls, from all over the world, came to the stage to share a dance, a song, a kung fu move, from their country of birth, or some other country they either have a relative or a friend from. Boys from India danced hip hop with kids from Queens. Caucasians joined African Americans in stepping (moves used by slaves to communicate with each other when communication was forbidden). Pictured above are just represent a small number of the events of the evening.

(I would put up more pictures but I am out of space again. I still have to figure out a way to fix this.)


burntoutteacher said...

I have to tell you, PO, that you really are your school's best cheerleader. I read your blog religiously and I salvate over the great stuff your kids do, in and out of the classroom. Despite all the evils at Packemin, I would gladly teach there. Any English openings?

NYC Educator said...

Here's an idea for space--Get a blog at, import your blog there, leave it as an archive, link to it, and delete a lot of past stuff here. Kind of complicated, but I think it would work.