Thursday, April 01, 2010

No Good Neighbors, No Good Hands and No Geckos

The ceiling fell and the insurance company says we are covered, which is good news. The bad news is that it fell on Tuesday and we can't get an adjuster here for 2.5 weeks. The bad weather left lots of basements flooded and the adjusters are busy. And, to make matters worse, we were told not to touch the ceiling until the adjuster shows up.

But, the tiles are barely hanging on and even as I type, I wonder if another one will be falling soon. I am ready to run at the first sound of a tiling coming loose.

My husband spent an hour on the phone with different people in the claims' department. We've paid premiums for over 30 years, never once being late. I'm sure if we were late, they would not accept an excuse, yet we are supposed to accept theirs. They finally agreed to let us figure out a way to make the room safe until the adjuster arrives.

We need to try another insurance company.


Anonymous said...

Given the hundreds upon hundreds of families across the tri-state area, RI and Ma,whose homes have been flooded, I think any insurance company would have had to put you on the wait list. And if that's the case, it's nice to know that some insurance companies still cover flooding because most of them won't.

Ms. Tsouris said...

This is unacceptable!! I'd ask the insurance company if you're supposed to hire your own structural engineer to evaluate your ceiling situation, which is I can assume is an immediate danger in view of what just did happen. I don't understand why it's always us who have to be accountable and sacrifice at the same time. They should hire more adjusters, since whatever company you're using is making about a 15000% or more profit on you over the years. You're probably paying more per year than what the adjuster plus this repair job costs the insurance company. I haven't heard of cutbacks or a recession in the insurance ripoff industry where we consumers have no choice but to buy in. New York State is out of control on so many counts including how the insurance industry owns Albany, or some large piece of it, along with the others who own Albany, such as developers. Good luck and I hope some arms can be twisted into putting your on their calendar sooner.