Sunday, April 11, 2010


The arrogant, crotchety, ignorant principal has an agenda. S/he wants to "U" rate a specific number of teachers every year. Everyone knows this is true because s/he told this to an AP and is on this AP's case because of the refusal to do so. Since the AP is honorable, Principal From Hell ( PFH) has picked a target his/herself.

Target teacher has been teaching for many, many years. S/he has always been well respected and liked by fellow teachers, students, and even administrators. In over 15 years, Target has never received any evaluation short of glowing. Target however, has one major flaw. S/he speaks his/her mind. S/he does not let people walk over him/her and when something is not right s/he says something. PFH does not like this. PFH is not that bright and does not take any of these conversations well.

Target teacher was recently observed by his/her AP. The lesson went well, the kids were engaged and the AP was very happy with what s/he saw. PFH was not happy when she read the observation and decided to pay Target a surprise visit. PFH visited Target's worse class, on the first day back from spring break, without any warning or pre-observation conference. Target was intermittently showing a film and stopping for discussion and question time. The majority of the kids were engaged and working. One student did say the work was boring and did not want to do it, but that happens in every class. The class ended and Target was reasonably satisfied with the lesson she taught. PFH was not happy. To quote Target, "S/he ripped me a new ass hole. Nothing I did was right. S/he did not understand the topic I was teaching although the kids knew exactly what I was doing and did not stop finding fault." Target was given a "U" for the lesson.

Target is strong, and a fighter and PFH is weak and stupid. Target will end up winning this war, but, how many teachers, in similar situations will not emerge victorious? How many are sitting in rubber rooms or are in schools, worried if there livelihoods will be taken away from them by principals like PFH? All the victims of these sick, stupid, ignorant despots, will be on the streets if Klein and Bloomberg have their way.

UNITY just won the election. The people have spoken. Now is the time for UNITY to stand up and protect teachers like Target and all the ones falsely charged and unfairly incarcerated in these reassignment cents.


burntoutteacher said...

The details are a teensy bit different but what you describe is happening at my school, to me and to other older teachers like me. Several have already quit, put in retirement papers way too early, are desperate to get out. My principal even told an AP that he will never hire another older teacher again and is now determined to get rid of us all, U us until we lose our licenses. I have contacted the union several times but have had no response. Our new union president has been made aware of the situation but hasn't even had the decency to contact any of us. Our licenses, our salaries, our lives are being destroyed by this (other) Principal from Hell.

Chaz said...

Don't expect help from the union. The just put their head in the sand and ignore the problem.

Anonymous said...

Has the chapter leader mentioned this problem at the Delegate Assembly? If it's mentioned publicly, then Mulgrew should make a statement as to what steps the members at the school of hell should take.

What about the district rep.? What steps has he/she taken to make it known to UFT borough office?

I'm so sorry to hear what the veteran teachers are going through and the indignation of that asshole principal. If something is not done regarding the bashing, and intimidation of senior teacher, then age discrimination and veterancide (a form of genocide) of our senior teachers will be considered the norm by all principals.

Why aren't those teachers who being forced into retirement not going to media and publicizing this?

Under Assault said...

The union line for the more senior teachers is and has been for some time now: By the time they'll go through 3020a, it'll be years. You'll be retired by then.
They'll tell you that whether you're "real" 3020-a material or not.

Anonymous said...

If the UFT didn't protect them before, why do you think it will protect them now?

Pissedoffteacher said...

I don't--called wishful thinking.

burntoutteacher said...

The chapter leader has denied it is happening -- he is happy with his cushy positions and his favored nations status with the principal. It is dangerous to tell him anything since it gets right back to the principal. The district rep just refers one back to the chapter chair. The other senior teachers are demoralized, depressed, frightened. They don't talk about it to one another, much less outside the school. I have taken action but I am only one teacher and the more I speak out, the more targeted I become. Who would have thought, 20 years ago, when I entered this profession bright-eyed and enthusiastic, that my life and career would now be in the pits.