Tuesday, April 13, 2010

He Made My Night

I tortured him by calling his mom almost daily. I picked on him endlessly when he did no homework and came to class late. I supported him when he told me he wanted to be an engineer and his guidance counselor said it would never happen because of his grades. He graduated in June, is doing well in college and he just sent me this e-mail, which made my night.
This is NAYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY! oh my god Mrs POd i miss u tons, that is why me and Vicki is going to come visit you tomorrow, my BEST FAVORITE TEACHER in the whole wide world.!

Remember--I taught him math, not English and please don't judge him by the grammar in this e-mail. He knows the proper way to write. He was just being his funny self.
(I used to call him yea because nay made me think of a horse.)

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NYC Educator said...

You can't judge grammar in emails. Kids have their own horrendous and unspeakable language that they use for texting. My daughter's texts sometimes leave me at the verge of a heart attack, but she's also able to produce recognizable English for her homework, so I grin and bear it.