Sunday, July 31, 2011


A friend asked me to post this.  For obvious reasons, She can't post it on her own blog.

My husband came back from a visit with his family and was (finally) floored by his sister's opinion of education. His sister kept going on and on about how public education is a joke and teachers will not do their job.

Her son had come home without a homework sheet. Boy said he had been given one but didn't know where it was.

So, the next morning his mother calmly (ha!) troops down to the school and confronts the teacher. My darling son did not get a homework sheet - how is he supposed to do his homework?

Teacher pointed out that she had given one to boy and he had put it in his backpack.

Well it isn't there now. He needs another.

Teacher calmly replied that she didn't have any extras and he had been told to keep up with it (the inhumanity of that!!!) He could copy one from a friend if he wished.

(Please make sure you read this with the proper emotion - abject indignation).

May I point out 1) boy is 16 2) boy is headed to Princeton in the fall 3) SIL has a PhD in a science but 4) SIL is still an idiot.

I Miss My Camera

I really miss my camera.  Going to pick it up tomorrow.

Some Fire Island pictures, here.  .Nothing great.  Did I say I miss my camera?

I have to thank two wonderful friends for introducing me to the joy of boating and taking me to a place I have never been too

Effective Bonding

Building the subway system took lots and lots of labor, both skilled and unskilled.  When crap was pulled on the workers, the joined together and struck.  After only one week, there was a union victory.  Subcontractors were not exempt from union rules either.

Good things happen when everyone works together.  I am afraid this will never happen again. Most people are just too concerned about their own issues to make it work.

Saturday, July 30, 2011


It is a sad commentary on life when it takes a funeral to bring families together, but it is wonderful how families do support each other and come together for anything where support is needed.

My favorite aunt died this week.  She had Alzheimer's and has been out of it for quite a while.  We talked about going to visit (she lived in Florida) but somehow never got around to making the trip.  We've had the same talk with the cousins, but nothing ever materialized.  Yesterday we were all together to say goodbye to this terrific lady.  We reminisced and met new cousins known previously from encounters when they were babies.

The day was bitter sweet.  We drove a short distance to Paramus and then Nyak but traffic was unreal and we spent over five hours in the car.  Saying goodbye is hard, but being with my aunts, uncles and cousins was great.  My aunt used to love having a house full of people.  I'm sure she was smiling at us all and wishing she had cooked some goodies for us to be enjoying.

The picture above was taken from the rooftop patio of my cousin's Nyak house.  He's been after us for a while to come visit and now I see why.

I Hope He's Happy (Not)

Just found out another person is leaving.  He is getting closer to what he wants.  But, what he wants will not help him succeed.  Besides, there will always be others to cause him the same distress.

Friday, July 29, 2011

Play Recommendation

Talented actor--go here to read the review and, if you are in the area, go see it.
TDF tickets are $23 but even at full price, it is only $49--well worth the price.

Thursday, July 28, 2011

Atlantic City

Just finished editing some pictures and put them on Facebook.   From the number of boardwalk pictures, it is obvious I didn't go to gamble.  (I limited what I posted so you can just imagine how many I took.)

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

New Addition

New addition to Packemin today!

Mom and baby are doing great!


Just spoke to colleague #1.

Surgery was Monday.  He sounded groggy but said he is doing fine and is going home tomorrow.

Colleague #2 has surgery in a few weeks.

Major Setback

In the 1950's Robert Wagner, then mayor of NYC said every child should get a good education, regardless of race.  The guest on South Bronx's radio show last night, favoring charter schools wants to set us back to the 1950's.  These ed deformers are not fixing education.  They are setting us back 60 years.
(Sign from a 50's subway car from Transit Museum.)

Tuesday, July 26, 2011


Studying history is great, but when you can actually see something you have lived through, that is even better than great.

In my never ending quest to see everything in NYC, I took the F train to Brooklyn, a borough I barely know, and paid a visit to the Transit Museum.  Actually seeing the engineering and labor that went into creating this system was phenomenal and then actually going into the old trains, trains I remember riding, was fantastic.  But, the best part was the advertisements on the walls of each car.  The quality of the pictures are not so great (my camera is still in the shop and I accidentally turned the flash off on my little point and shoot) but they are still worth seeing.  (Pictures here.)

For anyone in the NY area, don't wait as long as I did to visit this fantastic museum.  Only one problem--it is underground and there is no air conditioning--kind of like the old days of riding the subway.

Monday, July 25, 2011

Choose Your Friend's Wisely

I never understood why a principal,or any boss for that matter would want to be Facebook friends with someone who worked for them (or why anyone would want to be friends with their boss either) but my daughter set me straight on the former.

When two people are Facebook friends they have access to each others personal data.  The principal or boss can keep a blank page giving no one access to their personal information and at the same time learn who the employee hangs out with, what he does on his free time, and what she is interested in.  Many have gotten in serious trouble because of this page.

As for a teacher friending a principal?  What for?  Brownie points?  The friendship won't get you anywhere.  My advice--DON'T DO IT!

Sunday, July 24, 2011

Little Mouse-Chapter 6

Appropriateness is something very important to little mouse, but that appropriateness only applies to others, not her.

A woman Little Mouse worked with was getting married.  The young mammal was good and kind and wanted to share her big day with everyone so she extended invitations to all.  Everyone loved young mammal and when the wedding day arrived, they all showed up at the church in their finest, all except Little Mouse.  Little Mouse arrived in a pair of very tight jeans and a "hootchie mama" shirt, complete with "f**k me" heels. All looked at her.  Even the snakes and the other rodents were appalled.  How could anyone show up to such a solemn church affair dressed like that?

Little Mouse looked at the other guests and turned crimson.  She realized she was out of place.  She realized her outfit, (which for once was not all black) was wrong, inappropriate to say the least.  She hid behind the crowd for the group picture and disappeared before the party began.

Saturday, July 23, 2011

Prayers Needed

Two colleagues are having surgery this summer.  To protect their privacy, I won't mention names but ask everyone to add them anonymously to their prayers.  I'm a firm believer in prayers in as many religions as possible.

Little Mouse--Chapter 10

Little Mouse needs to learn who her real friends are.

Friday, July 22, 2011


Grab your teacher ID (it gives you free admission) and go see the Jim Henson exhibit at the Museum of the Moving Image.  The only down side is the Muppet of Bloomberg in the lobby--no photos in the exhibit.

I thought the exhibit would be more kid oriented but wasn't disappointed.  I learned tons of stuff  about the genius of this man and saw many of the things he did that go way beyond his puppets.  And, if I was still going to be teaching, I would try to find a way to use his story boards as a way to solve math problems.


I covered a friend's remedial math class in the local community college this week.  This class consists of September's freshman who did not pass the math entrance exam.  The school offers them a five-week FREE opportunity to take this non credit course, a course which would cost the equivalent of a 5 credit course, so they can start working on their degree immediately.  Some of them realize what a gift they have been given and are diligently working to master the material they did not learn in high school.  (Thank-you Bloomberg for the education you have provided.)   Unfortunately, there are others that are just going along their merry way, following the path they were on in high school, assuming that things will still be given to them and they will be passed along no matter what. One boy arrived an hour late for a three-hour class and then had the audacity to sneak out early.  Several turned a 15 minute break into a 35 minute break and were annoyed that I began teaching while they were out.  Most expected me to hand them graph paper.  When I explained the homework assignment on the back of the curriculum they had received, many said they never got it.  One girl spilled her juice and then disappeared for 40 minutes.  I thought she had gone for paper towels (which would have taken less than five minutes to find) but returned with empty hands.

My buddy Chaz just posted about a young man, a recent high school graduate who never learned a thing about responsibility and was fired from a job he needed to support his son. The RTTT and NCLB has created a nation not even fit to pour coffee.  Something must be done quick or America will find itself enslaved to the rest of the world. 


Thursday, July 21, 2011

Miss USA 2011 — Should Math Be Taught In Schools?

Graduates under the reign of Bloomberg. Thanks to Chi Town Girl for sending the link.

(This is a spoof but under Bloomberg we are graduating people with this intellect.)


Jill, a teacher at the local community college got sick one evening.  She knew she would not make it to school the next day and worried about her class.  She tried calling the school and the chairperson, but got no response.  Jill decided to take matters into her own hands and called a friend to sub.  Both women wondered whether the school would object since memos were issued every semester telling teachers they should not arrange their own coverages.

The friend thought it would be an okay thing to do as she is also on the college payroll.  But, years of working for the DOE taught both of them to take nothing for granted.  Years earlier, the friend took a bunch of kids who were just hanging out in the hall into her classroom (the teacher was on a trip and no arrangements were made for those left behind) and got into trouble for doing something without administrative approval.

Friend got the surprise of her life this time.  The college thanked her many times over for coming in and covering the class.  They were happy Jill took it upon herself to make sure the kids got the class time they needed.  Both women were appreciated for using their common sense and their brains, something they were not permitted to do while working for the DOE.

Loco Chihuahau

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Man In The Mirror

I've written some stuff on this blog that has not exactly been flattering to certain people.  But, in most cases, only a description of the job s/he does was mentioned and that job was one that many people in the school did.  It is interesting to see the reactions of people who have been offended.  One of these wo/men has never been a target.  This person has always gone above and beyond when it came to dealing with issues I brought to her/his attention and I have spoken highly of this person many times.  This particular individual has taken great offense to this blog and until recently I could not understand why and then it hit me!  From talking to others I have learned that this person is one of the worst in the school.  It is hard to find anyone to say a good word about him/her. 

Moral of the story:  If you see yourself in any of these writings think carefully about what you are doing.  Your seeing yourself in my words is not the same as my writing about you.  Take these words as a lesson and think before you act.

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Victoria Secrets

Gotta loves those freebees!  I don't know why they keep sending me coupons.  I don't shop there.

Monday, July 18, 2011


I just heard the city will do away with teacher bonuses.

$56,000,000 spent and it has finally been determined that they accomplished nothing.

I, along with every other teacher, could have told them that for free.

Sunday, July 17, 2011



Artscape--my kids were right,  It is the best street fair I ever attended.  Pictures here.  I so miss my Nikon.  Hopefully it will be back this week.  I've learned my lesson the expensive way.  I will be more careful from now on. Pictures here..

Little Mouse-Chapter 5

Little Mouse carried Emily Post's etiquette book with her wherever she went.  Doing things the correct way was all she cared about and heaven help the person that did not live up to her expectations, unless, of course, that person was one of her off springs.

Son Mouse graduated from college and Little Mouse was very proud.  Her friends sent gifts and cards wishing him well.  Son Mouse refused to call or write thank you notes for all the presents he received.  Little Mouse was mortified and decided to take matters in her own hands.  She wrote notes for him.

Older Mouse, recognized the handwriting and immediately knew Little Mouse was the author.  Older Mouse, tired of Little Mouse's constant criticism decided to mention the inappropriateness of these notes.  Little Mouse got defensive and started defending Son Mouse and her actions.  She claimed Son Mouse was not wrong to skip writing.  He was just too busy so she decided to help him out.  Older Mouse was not appeased.  She knew of no etiquette book that would find this acceptable.

Little Mouse, foiled, stopped talking to Older Mouse.

Saturday, July 16, 2011

Over The Top

I know the feeling, but tattooing it on your back???


I hate typos!  Why can't people proof read before they print these things up?

Taking The Fall

Ricochet's post about the Georgia test scandal and the teachers being blamed reminded me of an incident I heard about last year. Tests were graded but too many students failed.  The supervisor, a young ambitious person new to the job was worried the abysmal scores would cost him/her the cushy assignment.

No one knows what really happened, but on Friday, too many  failed.  By Monday, the passing rates had gone up remarkably.  The teachers who signed off on marking had nothing to do with this change.  If anyone checked, they would be responsible.  Their names were the only ones on the papers.

Friday, July 15, 2011

July 15

Twenty nine years ago,  I gave my dad a birthday present that will never be beat--his first and only grandson. 

Two months ago I didn't think my dad would make another birthday.  Thanks to the wonders of modern medicine, he is back, better than ever.  While one present can never be topped, he was thrilled with breakfast at IHOP, complete with a birthday serenade and a sundae.

Happy 87th dad.  May we have many, many more together.

Cable Story

Chi Town Girl reminded me of how we were the last family on the block to get cable.  While she is still the only person without cable, I wasn't far behind.

It was a rainy day.  A young black man was walking up and down the block ringing bells, trying to get people to sign up for cable.  I was bored.  I listened to his pitch and said yes.  He was in shock.  No one ever said yes.  My husband was in shock.  He had been wanting it for a long time.  Cheap me finally had given in.

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Hamming It Up

Don't know what it is about my camera that makes strangers want me to take their picture.  I was just trying to take this lopsided fire box when this guy started posing.  It was a perfect way to show how slanted the box was.

Just By Cancelling

When I finally convinced my husband to go for TimeWarner's Triple Play (no FIOS in my neighborhood), we got a year of Showtime free.  Well, the year is almost up and we got an offer to keep it at a reduced rate. Since we barely watched, we decided not to take the offer.  I just called to cancel and was given another year free!  Maybe now I will give it a try!

Fun Summer Pics

Lots of things spinning around in my head, just not sure how I want to put them in writing so I'll just post some pictures taken at a concert in Stepping Stone Park.  Great Neck only opens their events to residents so I am lucky to have friends who live in rich places.

I hate not having my good camera.  It should be back next week.

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Summer Activity

The Museum of the City Of NY is a great place to visit on a hot, summer day.  This smaller museum does not have the crowds of the bigger ones and it is easy to see it all.

Currently on exhibit is a Joel Grey, a NY Life, with some really great photos by him and Moveable Feast: Fresh Produce and the NYC Green Cart Program, great photos, many subjects I've taken.  I wish I had the skills these photographers have.  The moving part of all this was the stories of the people behind the pics.  One photographer wrote how he never thought of the person selling the pretzel he buys in the street.  Pictured above are three Bangladash immigrants.  Five live in a two room apartment earning money to send to their families to create lives.

Not too many photos, but I did put a few here.  (My good camera is n the shop so I have been making do with my little point and shoot.)

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Advice From the Sunset Of My Career

Hi!!! Ms.POd. I got a 5!!! on my BC calculus test. I still cannot believe it since I messed up many questions.

You always believed in me. Thank you so much :D . I probably can take multi variable this fall, which I greatly looking forward to.
I just got this e-mail from a boy a certain individual would not let take trigonometry and pre-calculus together.  This boy studied trig on his own last summer, got a 98 on the regents and had a "friend from above" get him into the BC class.
I have been reflecting on my career and trying to figure out exactly what I did right over the years.  I'm not that smart, I'm not organized and I don't always have the best classroom management.  And then, I started reading over the comments the kids wrote in the book I gave them during my last few days. 
I am posting some of the words and expressions here, not to brag but to give advice to new teachers.  Words from the kids, not from the administration.  Words, not added value data.
1.  Encouraging me even though I didn't do so good in your class
2.  Enthusiastic
3.  Caring
4.  Giving
5.  Believed in me
6.  Never give up on me
7.  Sympathetic
8.  Strong
9.  Outrageous
10.  Passionate
11.  Making a hard class into a fun one and an easier one
12.  There was never a moment you made me feel lower than anyone
13.  You pushed me to pay attention
14.  You gave me confidence
15.  Even when we didn't believe in ourselves you fought hard to make us believe.
16.  You never gave up
And my favorite:
17.  You are like the teachers you see in movies. When the kids give up and you still have faith.

Stubborness Trumps Intelligence

It's hot, really hot.  A sane person would stay indoors or go out in a nice air conditioned car.  Sanity is something I have never been accused of having.  So, ignoring the 90+ degree temperature, I decided to take the 3 mile walk (in each direction) to deliver a package to a friend working at the community college.  I figured the park would be a nice short cut, not realizing I would get lost and make the walk longer.  It was a pretty walk and I enjoyed seeing parts I have never been to until I realized I was the only one on the path.  I started to worry about rabid raccoons jumping out of the bushes or being dragged behind the trees, beaten and left for dead and I didn't relax until I saw houses in the near distance.

I made it to my destination and unloaded my heavy burden.  I turned down the offer of a ride home (didn't want to wait the hour) and began the trek home, this time on city streets.  I almost broke down twice and called my husband to pick me up but my stubbornness took precedence over my intelligence and I walked the entire way home.

I know the day will come when I am no longer able to walk.  I will be able to look back and remember the walks I took, not the ones I should have taken.

Monday, July 11, 2011

A Great Place To Live

The most wonderful thing about NY is that one day you can be in the hustle and bustle of the city, enjoying museums, theaters and restaurants, go home to sleep in your own bed and wake up the next day and be on a boat to some of  the best beaches in the world.

Thanks J.S. and husband A.S. for giving us a fantastic day on the sea and at Fire Island, which our first visit.

More pictures here, on Facebook.

Chihuahua Race

Thanks to my good friend, who goes by many different names, for sending this.

Little Mouse--Chapter 4

Little Mouse did not like to hang out with her rodent friends.  She only ate cheese from the gourmet store, while they ate everything available.  She made a home for herself in an upscale neighborhood and continually looked down upon those who never strayed from the places they were born.  On the rare occasion she found herself in the company of these old relations and acquaintances, she made condescending comments about their clothes, their speech and their habitats and then wondered why they did not treat her nicely.

One day Little Mouse was forced to accompany her breeding partner to a dinner with his family.  She spent a week worrying about what she would wear.  She was determined to look better than every other female in the room but she also refused to shed her black costumes.  Little Mouse finally decided on an outfit, an outfit that only enhanced her witch like personality and set out for the party.  Upon arrival, she looked around and started her catty (not very popular at a mouse party) comments about everyone around her.  She refused to understand why no one was nice to her and she left as early as possible.

Several days later, Little Mouse was at a dinner with her different species friends and relayed the story of her unhappy dinner experience.  One friend suggested the problem might come from within her and she should try not being so standoffish with that crowd.  Little Mouse got red, a color that goes well with her black costumes and stormed out.  It took weeks before anyone heard from Little Mouse again.


The gas station is adjacent to a Wendy's that allows me to pick up their wireless. I'm blogging while my husband is filling.

Saturday, July 09, 2011

Little Mouse-Chapter 3

Little Mouse loved to dress up in costumes.  Her favorite was that of the witch in Sleeping Beauty. She loved that costume so much that when Halloween was over, she refused to take it off.

Mouse Children did not understand her choice of clothing and always asked why she never wore anything but black.  She never answered but as they got to know her better, they learned her unspoken response.  The clothing matched her heart.

Friday, July 08, 2011

My Bargain

I love a bargain so when a Groupon for a $7.00 Atlantic City trip, complete with $10 food credit and $5 slot credit came up, I just had to grab it.  Even the thought of being confined on the bus for so long didn't keep me from this deal.

The day started out great.  The Hampton Luxury Liner had big leather, reclining seats, a movie, Internet and snacks.  This sure beat driving.  The only hitch was the bus hit a car (or more likely, the car hit the bus) coming out of the Midtown Tunnel and we waited almost two hours (thanks Bloomberg) for a cop to write up an accident report.  We would not have been able to continue the trip if my husband had not thought of a way to fix the molding on the bus.  He was the hometown hero of the day.

The bus driver was so grateful, he ended up giving us $20 buffet vouchers.  We even made $4.70 with the $10 we were given.  (Neither one of us likes to gamble.)

The vacation/retirement is off to a great start.  My poor husband is worn out.  He is happy to see me working part time in the fall.  I don't know how many more daily activities he can take.

Thursday, July 07, 2011

Not Dangerous In The Least

I've always told my children and my students to be careful about meeting people from the Internet.  Although I haven't always followed my own advice, I usually brought my husband along so I wouldn't be alone when I met bloggers from distant cities, like Rick and Ricochet.

Today I threw caution to the wind and set out to meet Ms. Cookie, a math teacher and a fellow blogger visiting NY from Texas.  Luckily, Ms. Cookie was everything she claimed to be and the only danger presented was that of sore legs from the long walk we  took, starting at 87th and Broadway, through Riverside Park, to the brand new Yotel, High Line Park, pizza at Ray's, Madison Square Park and then back up town.  Many of these places were new to both of us.  (More pictures posted here.)

It was a wonderful day.  The kids in Texas are lucky to have such a great, caring teacher and I'm happy to have made a new friend.

In the future, I hope to keep up this reckless behavior and meet more of my Internet friends.

Chinese Proverbs

Blind follower which makes you happy is harmful
Clear opposer which makes you headache is useful.

Above proverbs courtesy of a fellow teacher, one being harassed because he fails too many in the beginning of the year but has the best regents and overall passing statistics in the building by the end of the term.  He is being picked on because he is not accurately predicting who will succeed and who will not.

Wednesday, July 06, 2011


One Saturday, my rabbi's sermon talked about confronting people who have wronged you.  He made a point of saying this has to be done, but it should be done privately.  I have thought long and hard about what I want to say to a certain person but have decided I can't deliver these thoughts.  This person believes nothing s/he ever does is wrong and nothing would ever change these feelings.  But, I have to get the words out, so they are posted here, semi privately.  Read them if you can and so desire.  Getting them out was a stress reliever for me.

Tuesday, July 05, 2011

Traveling Solo

Lots of my friends say they would do certain things if they had someone to do them with.  Not me.  I never mind going alone.  In fact, sometimes I prefer my own company. 

Yesterday, my amazing son and his equally wonderful girl friend headed home through Manhattan.  I bummed a ride and had them drop me at 37th and 5th.  I wanted to see the Van Cleef and Arpel exhibit at the Cooper Hewitt Museum and the exhibit was closing that day.  I don't know too many people willing to make the hike up to 91st St., especially in the heat so it was good not to worry about making someone else happy.  I got to stop everywhere something caught my interest.  I saw the Ai Weiwei exhibit, Circle Of Heads, had a wonderful walk through Central Park and then made my own decision about waiting the two hours in the sun to see the exhibit.

Some pictures here.  Unfortunately, no photos were allowed in the exhibit.  Since it is no longer open, I recommend clicking here to see this wonderful jewelry that none of us will ever afford.

Monday, July 04, 2011

Little Mouse--Chapter 2

The party was breaking up.  As all friends do, they kissed and hugged goodby.  It was a ritual that tied them together.  Good Friend was the first to leave.  As she made the rounds bidding everyone adieu, she was greeted with love and affection from all but one, Little Mouse.

Good Friend and Little Mouse had been very close in the past.  They were there for each other during thick and thin and knew each others families well.  But, things were not good between them for a long time.  Little Mouse stopped talking to Good Friend and rebuffed all Good Friend's attempts to make peace.  Little Mouse had used her vivid imagination to invent some terrible injustice Good Friend had done towards her and no amount of words would get her to listen, understand and to change her mind.  As Good Friend approached the area near Little Mouse, she heard Little Mouse utter "Don't kiss me."  She had nothing to worry about.  Good Friend knew her lips would be bitten off if she went near Little Mouse so she intended to keep her distance.

Everyone in the room saw this incident.  Little Mouse looked like the fool she is.

Sunday, July 03, 2011

Museum Of The Moving Image

Pictures here on facebook

I Should Learn To Read

My husband says I am killing him.  His idea of retirement is sitting on a recliner and playing with his cats and his i-Pad.  Mine  is getting out and seeing the world.

Today I took him to the Museum Of The Moving Image in Astoria.  I wanted to see the Jim Henson exhibit which, if I would have read, I would have known it didn't open until July 16.  But, we had a great time anyway.  It was kind of weird seeing the toys I played with and the ones my kids played with in a museum.  Even my babies have turned into antiques.  And, the best news of all, teachers get in free!  All you need to do is show a valid ID.

He did grudgingly admit the day was fun and agreed to go back once the Muppet exhibit is up and running.

(I'll post some of the interesting pictures on facebook in a few day.)

Saturday, July 02, 2011

Little Mouse--Chapter 1

Little Mouse walked around with her nose up in the air.  Some say she did this because she felt superior.  In reality, she could not stand her own stink.  Pointing up was the only way to avoid it.

Little Mouse did try to act superior to everyone around her.  You see, she was born in Europe and thought that gave her a leg up on everyone else.  But, the country she was born in was not all that advanced.  Kitchens were kept in basements where the goats and chickens roamed freely.  Little Mouse never adjusted to life here and although she did live in a big, fancy rich person house, she still spent all her time in the basement, at home only with the domesticated animals she kept.

At one point in her life, Little Mouse decided she was overweight, which is kind of funny because no one has ever seen a fat mouse.  But, Little Mouse was determined to lose her excess baggage and began dieting.  Little Mouse lost so much weight she began to look sickly.  All her friends began to worry.  They pushed her to eat, but were not successful.  Little Mouse looked like a wind would break her in half.

In addition to exercise, Little Mouse took up running and other sports.  All these activities consumed her life and she no longer had time to see or even talk to friends.  Gradually, friends stopped calling and checking on her.  Little Mouse did not understand why this happened.  She thought her friends should keep calling.  After all, she was born in Europe.  Her nose was always in the air.  She was better than them and they should be kowtowing to her.

Stayed tuned for chapter 2

Friday, July 01, 2011

Delete This


Spent my first morning as a retiree purging.  I finally cleaned out the bookshelf and got rid of all the old lesson plans and worksheets I will never use again.

While cleaning, I found some great cards and letters from former students.  I usually hide them after I read them because finding them years later reminds me of the good I've done over my long career and we all need reminding and appreciation once in a while.