Sunday, July 31, 2011


A friend asked me to post this.  For obvious reasons, She can't post it on her own blog.

My husband came back from a visit with his family and was (finally) floored by his sister's opinion of education. His sister kept going on and on about how public education is a joke and teachers will not do their job.

Her son had come home without a homework sheet. Boy said he had been given one but didn't know where it was.

So, the next morning his mother calmly (ha!) troops down to the school and confronts the teacher. My darling son did not get a homework sheet - how is he supposed to do his homework?

Teacher pointed out that she had given one to boy and he had put it in his backpack.

Well it isn't there now. He needs another.

Teacher calmly replied that she didn't have any extras and he had been told to keep up with it (the inhumanity of that!!!) He could copy one from a friend if he wished.

(Please make sure you read this with the proper emotion - abject indignation).

May I point out 1) boy is 16 2) boy is headed to Princeton in the fall 3) SIL has a PhD in a science but 4) SIL is still an idiot.


GiveMeABreak said...

let me tell you about my brother in law. It was April 15 and he didn't do his taxes so he went down to the IRS office to get a copy of a 1040 so he file his taxes. The IRS agent told him they ran out of forms and he should find a friend to copy a 1040. Did I tell you, 1) brother in law in a CPA in a major accounting firm 2)Help write the tax code and 3)BIL is an idiot.

NYC Educator said...

What's an SIL?

Pissedoffteacher said...