Thursday, July 07, 2011

Chinese Proverbs

Blind follower which makes you happy is harmful
Clear opposer which makes you headache is useful.

Above proverbs courtesy of a fellow teacher, one being harassed because he fails too many in the beginning of the year but has the best regents and overall passing statistics in the building by the end of the term.  He is being picked on because he is not accurately predicting who will succeed and who will not.


Ivon said...

There must be a rule in education that says people who do their jobs well will be the ones picked on. Some of the best teachers I have met were the ones who were targeted.

harvey said...

DUH did his harasser ever figure out that the reason for his high regent scores is that kids know he will fail them if they don't perform? Must be a non-educator administrator; now they want him to be a soothsayer?(I predict that students who attend class will pass in greater numbers!) This is so ridiculous, sad that it's true.