Tuesday, July 26, 2011


Studying history is great, but when you can actually see something you have lived through, that is even better than great.

In my never ending quest to see everything in NYC, I took the F train to Brooklyn, a borough I barely know, and paid a visit to the Transit Museum.  Actually seeing the engineering and labor that went into creating this system was phenomenal and then actually going into the old trains, trains I remember riding, was fantastic.  But, the best part was the advertisements on the walls of each car.  The quality of the pictures are not so great (my camera is still in the shop and I accidentally turned the flash off on my little point and shoot) but they are still worth seeing.  (Pictures here.)

For anyone in the NY area, don't wait as long as I did to visit this fantastic museum.  Only one problem--it is underground and there is no air conditioning--kind of like the old days of riding the subway.


Anonymous said...

The Transit Museum IS AWESOME!!!!!!!! LOVE IT, LOVE IT, LOVE IT!!!!!!

I took my little kiddies to the museum for a field trip when we studied transportation and they had a blast. The employees and tour guides in the education department are PHENOMENAL!! I highly recommend the museum for grades of all ages. They have specific developmentally appropriate workshops for the little ones, elementary, upper elementary and middle school. I am not so sure about high school.

Also, the students fee is only $3 per child and adult chaperones get in FOR FREE. I went to the museum a month before my field trip to do my research and homework and they were so kind and gracious to me. I even got in for free because my class was scheduled to visit the Transit Museum.


Schoolgal said...

Where the Miss Rheingold signs there too?
Those were my favorite.