Sunday, July 24, 2011

Little Mouse-Chapter 6

Appropriateness is something very important to little mouse, but that appropriateness only applies to others, not her.

A woman Little Mouse worked with was getting married.  The young mammal was good and kind and wanted to share her big day with everyone so she extended invitations to all.  Everyone loved young mammal and when the wedding day arrived, they all showed up at the church in their finest, all except Little Mouse.  Little Mouse arrived in a pair of very tight jeans and a "hootchie mama" shirt, complete with "f**k me" heels. All looked at her.  Even the snakes and the other rodents were appalled.  How could anyone show up to such a solemn church affair dressed like that?

Little Mouse looked at the other guests and turned crimson.  She realized she was out of place.  She realized her outfit, (which for once was not all black) was wrong, inappropriate to say the least.  She hid behind the crowd for the group picture and disappeared before the party began.

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