Monday, July 04, 2011

Little Mouse--Chapter 2

The party was breaking up.  As all friends do, they kissed and hugged goodby.  It was a ritual that tied them together.  Good Friend was the first to leave.  As she made the rounds bidding everyone adieu, she was greeted with love and affection from all but one, Little Mouse.

Good Friend and Little Mouse had been very close in the past.  They were there for each other during thick and thin and knew each others families well.  But, things were not good between them for a long time.  Little Mouse stopped talking to Good Friend and rebuffed all Good Friend's attempts to make peace.  Little Mouse had used her vivid imagination to invent some terrible injustice Good Friend had done towards her and no amount of words would get her to listen, understand and to change her mind.  As Good Friend approached the area near Little Mouse, she heard Little Mouse utter "Don't kiss me."  She had nothing to worry about.  Good Friend knew her lips would be bitten off if she went near Little Mouse so she intended to keep her distance.

Everyone in the room saw this incident.  Little Mouse looked like the fool she is.

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Anonymous said...

As soon as I saw the chapter 2 I had to read it. (I am supposed to be at a place really soon but I could not resist).

again, looking forward to chapter 3.