Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Advice From the Sunset Of My Career

Hi!!! Ms.POd. I got a 5!!! on my BC calculus test. I still cannot believe it since I messed up many questions.

You always believed in me. Thank you so much :D . I probably can take multi variable this fall, which I greatly looking forward to.
I just got this e-mail from a boy a certain individual would not let take trigonometry and pre-calculus together.  This boy studied trig on his own last summer, got a 98 on the regents and had a "friend from above" get him into the BC class.
I have been reflecting on my career and trying to figure out exactly what I did right over the years.  I'm not that smart, I'm not organized and I don't always have the best classroom management.  And then, I started reading over the comments the kids wrote in the book I gave them during my last few days. 
I am posting some of the words and expressions here, not to brag but to give advice to new teachers.  Words from the kids, not from the administration.  Words, not added value data.
1.  Encouraging me even though I didn't do so good in your class
2.  Enthusiastic
3.  Caring
4.  Giving
5.  Believed in me
6.  Never give up on me
7.  Sympathetic
8.  Strong
9.  Outrageous
10.  Passionate
11.  Making a hard class into a fun one and an easier one
12.  There was never a moment you made me feel lower than anyone
13.  You pushed me to pay attention
14.  You gave me confidence
15.  Even when we didn't believe in ourselves you fought hard to make us believe.
16.  You never gave up
And my favorite:
17.  You are like the teachers you see in movies. When the kids give up and you still have faith.


Anonymous said...

The last one was my favorite too.

Be proud of yourself in the last 36 years.

Anonymous said...

Isn't it great to know that there were students who really were paying attention to all you did.

Just wait, they will come out of the woodwork in the next couple of years with stories of their successes and how you played a roll. Even the ones who were the worst will show up and tell you how much they appreciate all you did for them. It will take your breath away.

ChiTown Girl said...

I hope you keep this book out somewhere where you can read it every day.

Anonymous said...

thank you so much for your blog. you have helped me over the last years through the rubber room and through lots of other rubbish. however over the years you have helped me to realize that you can't let these nincompoops chart your life or your well being. i also appreciate your list from comments from your students. i am sure mine would say the same. i love educating our youth but i hate the system.