Wednesday, April 30, 2008


This is how one math teacher has been spending her lunch period every day.

I'm usually just as busy. Today I tried to do some computer work on my lunch. As luck would have it only TWO of the THREE COMPUTERS available for teacher use were working. So, in the "BEST LIBRARY IN NYC" I could not find a computer to use.

Yes, in a school with a staff of over 400, in the twenty first century, teachers have access to exactly two working computers.

Isn't NYC education grand! Thank you Bloomberg. Thank you Klein.

Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Today's Trailer Conditions

This is the trailer bathroom, first thing in the morning. Too bad no one bothers to empty the trash can or clean the floors. Why should NYC kids have a clean bathroom to use? At least we don't have PCB's like those schools in Staten Island.
We do have paper towels in the dispenser, as well as on the floor. Too bad the toilet paper never makes it to the roller.

Monday, April 28, 2008

Good Move On My Part

I wanted to give a test last Thursday, right before the break, but realized that my classes were not ready for it. Having written it and run it off, I decided to let them do it for practice during the week off.

Today I was greeted with "You've got to be kidding. Were you really going to give us that test? That is the hardest test ever." I told them yes, and the one they would take this week would be almost the same, with just a few more topics added on.

Boy, were they attentive in class today! I'm willing to bet they do okay on the test this week.

Sunday, April 27, 2008

Sunday Evening

Does anyone else have a mess like this every weekend? This is just what came out of the two bags I carry every day and it does not count all the stuff that already went in the trash.

Saturday, April 26, 2008

Flea Market Shopping

One of my favorite past times is shopping for bargains. Aqueduct Raceway Flea Market sometimes provides that opportunity. Even when it doesn't, I still enjoy walking around and checking out all the sites. My only purchase--two shirts ($3 each) and some creams and shampoos. Total expenditure: $12
Pots and pans and other shiny stuff.

I loved the colors in this little table.
Beautiful fruits and vegetables.
We bought our Alaska luggage here last year.
Food products--not too appetizing and many with expired dates.
Don't understand how this guy can make a living and why anyone would go through the junk on the floor.
This guy hawks "$25 girls, come and take a look." Anyone who calls me girl does not get my money.
Pretty colored jewelry.
Lots of shoes.
Paper products!
Great brightly colored sneakers.
My camera batteries died. I should have bought some of these, but I know that these don't last very long. Most of these pictures were taken with my new cell phone. I have a memory card and a reader for the computer so they can be downloaded pretty easily.

Thursday, April 24, 2008

Glad That's Done

Happiness is finally finishing this pile of calculus exams.
Larry is worn out. All this marking while on vacation did not agree with him. I hope he didn't make any mistakes.

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Factoring Trinomials

It is often difficult to factor a trinomial in the form ax^2 + bx + c when lead coefficient is not one. It is especially difficult to factor when the lead coefficient is not prime. The following is a method that makes this much easier.

We multiply ax^2 + bx + c by a to get ax^2 + bx + c and try to factor this realizing that after we are done we must divide out the factor of a we put in originally. Suppose this can be factored into
(ax + r)(ax + s). This new expression multiplies out as a2x2 + axs + axr + rs or a^2x^2 + x(as + ar) + rs. Thus, we only need to find an r and s such that r + s = b (as + ar = ab) and rs = ac. We only need to find r and r.

Example: Factor: 6x^2 + 11x – 10

1. Multiply 6 by the -10 to create the trinomial x^2 + 11x – 60 (I call this the dummy trinomial. The silly name helps the kids remember that it is only temporary.)

2. (6x + )(6x - ) and then only need to find the numbers that multiply to – 60 and add to 11.

3. (6x + 15)(6x – 4) (still the dummy)

4. And finally: (6x + 15) /3(6x - 4)/2 = (2x + 5)(3x - 2)

Monday, April 21, 2008

Another Dream

I dreamt that the school was having a blood drive and teachers were instructed to collect at least six bags of blood from the students in their period 2 class. We were given collecting carts with all the proper paraphernalia, including tubes, bags and needles. Teacher's were supposed to "volunteer" the students. As I started to collect the blood I realized that I had no idea how to inject the needle and hook up the bag. I called for help. I got scolded and told to figure it out. I got told that I was not a team player. Luckily, I then woke up.

Sunday, April 20, 2008


The second seder just ended. The first night we had eleven people in our house. We started doing both seders years ago, when my mom first got sick and couldn't prepare for them anymore. Not being overly religious, but still keeping Kosher makes it hard on the holidays. There is no where to eat but home. Yesterday's seder was hard. It was the first seder with my mom gone. We have only missed spending the holiday's together twice. Both times she was in the hospital and although she was very sick I had hopes of being with her next year. Last year my brother-in-law said he had a feeling that seder would be her last. As I was cooking yesterday, I was sorry that I had started. It just didn't feel right celebrating the holiday without her. My kids and husband love the holiday and I did not want them to miss it. We picked my dad up early and sat around for hours talking and watching tv. My sister-in-law and her family soon joined us. Everyone felt mom's presence even though she was not there. My dad started out the evening sad but once we started we got into the swing of things he had a good time. The highlight of our evening was "Uncle" Herman. Herman is a 90 year old man we've gotten to know from our dinner's at Grimaldi's. Herman sits at the bar every night, eats a little, drinks a little and passes the time talking to everyone. It is a tradition of the holiday to invite people who have no where to go and we have been following this tradition for years. This was just the first time we invited someone we really did not know at all. Herman has outlived most of his family and friends and now goes from house to house celebrating holidays with people he meets at the bar. I'm glad he decided to join us this year. He's already invited himself back for next year and we won't be leary about his coming then. The second night's seder was much easier. First, I was not as tired as we ate left overs from the first night. Second, it was smaller. Our only guests were my cousin and his wife. They were a calming influence. They worried about getting here from New Jersey, the Pope at Yankee Stadium was supposed to play havoc on traffic. Thankfully they left really early, avoiding the traffic and were were able to have a nice visit before the seder started.

Everything is put away and cleaned. There are plenty of leftovers so I won't have to cook again for quite a few days. Thank goodness for paper plates. Now, to rest and enjoy the rest of the vacation.

Matzo Man

Who Let The Jews Out / Passover

Friday, April 18, 2008


The railing leading up the ramp to my trailer. The wood is rotting and it is hanging on by a few screws.
The step under the adjoining trailer. It is rotting away and wobbles when it is in use.No trailer post is complete without a puddle picture. It is becoming a trash receptacle.
The broken gate that used to lock the trailers when they were not in use. It finally got fixed after the Monday morning surprise. The whole process took less than ten minutes.

At the moment, I am winning the war. I don't want to print the last e-mail, but, it was not pretty. I printed a copy and gave it to the union and Principal Suit. Even if Suit is behind the viciousness, I don't think even he would put in writing what my AP sent in an e-mail. Over the years this guy has bullied many teachers. He cannot bully or scare me.

Yesterday I felt I had won the first round as Mr. AP would not speak to me. He's a grudge holder and his holding back meant he was really angry and he would only be really angry if Suit had spoken to him about the e-mail. Today Mr. AP passed me in the hall and went out of his way to be nice. I explained a math concept that he did not know and he wished me a pleasant vacation. In the past, a few teachers have stood up to him and he always backed down. I hope that is what he will do with me.

In other news, another trailer was trashed. The teachers were livid. One of them went screaming to Terence about the need for real security outside. She complained about the "do nothing" safety officers (something I have not, and will not do.) He gave her some stupid excuse and accused her of leaving the door open when she left the trailer. (She is not the last teacher in the room and always waits for the next teacher to arrive before leaving.) Today I actually saw a dean standing right by the trailers during a change of periods.

We aren't there yet, but we are making progress. While I don't take credit for the progress, I know my voice made some difference. Maybe now, with others behind me, something will be done.

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Nobody Knows The Problems They Have

Jillian was crying last week. When I went to comfort her, she told me her mom had moved out and left her with rent and utility bills to be paid and with no food to eat. She went to her counselor who called child abuse but, Jillian is over 18 so there was nothing the city could do for her. Luckily, her uncle showed up and brought some food and squared things with the landlord.

I gave her $20 and told her to hold onto it for an emergency. I told her to return it one day in the future to someone who needed it as much as she needed it now.

Things looked a little better for her. She seemed happy. She was talking about graduation, college (she made a few good ones), and getting a job and her own apartment.

This week her electricity was turned off. She had no choice but to go stay with a disfunctional brother and his girl friend. They are leaving the state soon, so that was only a temporary stop over. Her mom did manage to get the lights turned on.

Today, she was crying again. She had no money and nothing to eat, again. She had a job interview and did not know how she was going to make it there. I gave her a little more money.

Jillian will make it. She is bright and industrious. It breaks my heart to see her suffering like this. Senior year in high school should be fun. The biggest problem she should be having is choosing her prom dress. I told her not to worry about today's test. I can give her a make up at some other time.

My AP will have a fit when he sees that I am passing her, in spite of all her absences. I don't care. She needs something in her life to feel good about now and the passing grade might help. (She has done all homeworks and has done well on all the exams taken.)

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

The E-Mails Keep Coming and Going

I keep e-mailing him, every time he e-mails me:

Me: Just to let you know--I did not say anything bad about security. I said there is no security, which Terence admits is true.

I too, try to maintain a good relationship with security.

AP: I know you did not. But he [Suit] blamed you for it to the security. You should know him by now.

Have a good evening.

Me: I said nothing bad about the security staff and I want them to know it. I will speak to them.

AP: But the net effect of your complaints was that they got into trouble.

In Chinese, there is a saying: "When doing calligraphy, do not attempt to do the same stroke more than once. If you do, you will make it worse." I would just leave it alone if I were you. It will look like you got them into trouble and now you try to talk your way out of it.

Me: I spoke to Sergeant []. I did nothing wrong and told him so. He agreed with me. He did not even know that I started the thing. I don't care what anyone else thinks. I have a right to my opinions and to speak my mind and I will keep speaking out against injustices. My words got the trailer door and the gate fixed.

Hopefully the e-mails will now end. I will not let his be the last one. Fighting for what is right is not complaining.

I now know that Suit has been behind all of this. I suspected this from the beginning. He never liked my letters and had my AP ask me to stop. I won't stop. My letters are not abusive and they are not threatening. I have a right to say whatever I want. Suit is stuck with me. I think I will hang around a few more years to get on his nerves.

Gotta Fill Out That Survey

Last week we had the kids fill out school surveys.

This week, kids that were absent last week are being taken out of class to fill out the survey. More than one kid used the survey as an excuse to miss an entire period.

To summarize, a kid is absent and misses a day of instruction. Instead of making up the instruction, the kid is spending the time filling out the survey. Sounds like education last to me.

Monday, April 14, 2008

Response to Monday's Greeting

I was furious when I got home and decided to let my AP know exactly what I thought so I sent him the following e-mail:

Dear [ AP's first name],

I really resent your saying that I am wrong in complaining about the lack of trailer security. This has been a problem for years and it has been building since the man walked in off the street last year to use the bathroom.
We have nearly 500 kids walking between the trailer and the building between classes and close to 250 in the trailers at all times. No matter what you say, we are vulnerable to outside disturbances.

I did not know that we were in business to keep our friends in security happy. We are here to help the children and part of helping them is keeping them safe. For years, I have spoken to everyone about security and nothing has been done.

You can remove me from the trailer, but that won't solve the problem. I am not afraid to be out there for myself. I don't have problems with my classes. It is the kids that are in danger. The kids smoking behind the dumpsters don't effect my classroom but they do set a tone for the school. There is also a problem with outsiders taking a short cut through the yard.

The school has to find the money to provide security outside. That is something that is not optional anymore. I'm sorry if this offends you, but it can't be helped. I will not sit by idly and wait until someone is seriously injured.

[First Name]

And, believe it or not, I think I won! He sent me back the following which, for him, is an apology:

Dear Ms. POd:

The idea of complaining does not sit well with me. Life is too short to complain or listen to complaints. Like I said, if there is an issue I can do something about, I will. You have some legitimate concerns and it is not being addressed properly.

I want to let you know that a security booth was ordered 6 months ago. Granted, that was not early enough; however, it was ordered. I believe it was ordered after the last incident.

The Administration has been trying to get the custodial staff to replace the lock in [ ] and they are still waiting for a part. Everything is contracted and you are a union member and you should know that. I went to the Principal later today and informed him about the situation again. He got on the phone and directed the custodians to install a pad lock on it while we wait for the part.

I will speak to the head security and see if they have made plans for the trailers. I will let you know when I find out more.

If you do not see a lock tomorrow morning please let me know. I will be more than happy to go down to the custodian's office to make sure they install a lock.

I learned not to complain when I was 12 years old because my grandma told me when you complain, you wipe out all the good things you do and all people remember is that you complained.

My advice to you is that you get all the facts before you start to complain. I really have no problems when you say things about our department because either it is an over sight on my part or you did not have all the information. But I have to try to maintain a good working relationship with other departments; particularly the security department.

Have a good evening and I hope you feel better.

Math AP

PS. Please remember that, very much like you, I just work here and we happen to be colleagues. You might learn to take my approach - take it easy! You can't control what you can't control. You can only manage it.

The PS from a man with no self control and no patience for anyone, from a man that thinks he can control the world.

I feel good now. I feel vindicated.

Of course, I could not let him get the last word in so I replied with this:

Just to let you know--I did not say anything bad about security. I said there is no security, which Terence admits is true.

I too, try to maintain a good relationship with security.

Monday Morning Greeting

These pictures greeted my class this morning. The teacher mentioned shares the trailer with me.

I called the dean's office when I saw the pictures. No one was in yet. I called the APO. She came out and was visibly upset. She brought back paper to cover the offensive drawings and then had the custodians come out to remove them. I told her that I took pictures, as did one of the kids in the class. I just e-mailed them to her.

Later in the day, we had a departmental meeting. My AP is furious that I have been complaining about security. He said he was "friends" with the security and now they were mad at him because of my complaints. He said he would solve the problem by not letting me teach in the trailer anymore. He would put a man out there who can handle things better. Tomorrow I am going to file an EEO complaint about that comment.

I am not going to let this issue of security rest. It is too important. I will not be made a scapegoat for the school's problems. If I decide to leave, I will leave kicking and screaming and exposing as many of the problems as I can. If I go, this blog will no longer be anonymous. It will name the school and all its participants.


Sunday, April 13, 2008

Student Teacher Abuse

My department has three student teachers this semester. One lucked out. Her cooperating teacher is a great guy who spends at least one period every day helping her plan lessons. He often stays late critiquing her lessons and even calls her on the weekend to help plan for lessons that are being observed.

The other student teachers are not so lucky. One of them is spending her time marking tests and home works for her cooperating teacher. When she does get to teach, she is being forced to teach a double period math class because the teacher wants the students to have "continuity" in their lesson. This teacher often wanders into the office to chat with friends while the student teacher is teaching.

The other student teacher is not being taken advantage of, but she is getting no help either. Last week I found her agonizing over a lesson she would be teaching. I gave her some advice and asked her what her cooperating teacher had said she should do about the lesson. She informed me that he does not help her write lessons. He also never gives her any feedback on her lessons.

I always thought student teachers were given to the most competent teachers in the department, the ones that really cared and wanted to help the future generation of teachers. I thought nothing could shock me about my profession, but, here I am again shocked. To promise to help and to renege on that help is despicable. I'm appalled at the treatment of these young people at the hands of the people in my department.

Friday, April 11, 2008

Someone Had To Get A big Kickback On This One

This was in our latest memo:
The DOE NYC has invested millions of dollars in a company by the name of Acuity. The company has put together a predictor exam to be given in all ME22 classes. This exam will inform the teachers what specific areas students need help (his grammar, not mine). The teachers will be able to make up worksheets that stress the weaknesses of the students....This exam will contain problems that the company predicts will be on the Integrated Algebra Regents.

Wow, millions of dollars to do what we as teachers have been doing for a lot less than millions of dollars. Why would a mere classroom teacher be able to tell what their students need help in? Maybe the NYC DOE should spend a few more millions to supply us with these worksheets. Or. better yet, maybe the DOE should use these millions to provide smaller classes and curriculum suitable to the children taking the courses.

Millions of dollars? Just when I think I have seen it all, something else comes along.

I just googled Acuity. It is owned by...McGraw Hill. It has lots of "wonderful" ideas about teaching and testing. I cold describe the site, but a visit says it all.

Thursday, April 10, 2008

What Exactly Does Anonymous Mean?

Today the kids were given the school survey to fill out. This year, the survey was packed in envelopes with names and numbers on the front. The kids were instructed to fill out their surveys and return them to the envelope. They were told to rip off the label so the survey would be anonymous.

One kid noticed the number on the survey was the same number next to his name. He refused to fill out the survey. A number of other kidsalso refused as record of the number took away his anonymity. The school swore up and down that it had no record of these numbers but the computerized print out in every envelope said something else.

A girl complained that in her gym class the teacher read all the questions to the kids and encouraged them to fill out the surveys in a certain way. This girl was admonished for putting down negative responses. The teacher, who did not know her, asked her name. When the young lady refused to give it, the teacher got nasty and told her she had to give her name to any teacher who asked. Luckily, this little girl had some spunk and held her ground. I wonder how many others didn't and filled out their surveys the way the principal wanted them to. And, I wonder how many filled it out the way he wanted to skew the results.

The kids in my classes resented spending class time on this nonsense. The AP exam is less than a month away and they need all the practice they can get. My math B kids have an exam next week, and they felt the same way. One kid told me that the teacher in charge of his survey spent an entire period doing it. The only wasted class time is the time they choose to waste themselves.

Wednesday, April 09, 2008

New Classroom

I had a dream that my classroom was now a red bus. There were too many students and some had to stand outside. The weather was good, so this was not a problem. I had a little blackboard that leaned against the windshield. When I went out to teach my class, the blackboard was gone. I tried to get another one. I went to the Principal and I went to the UFT. Everyone said it was not their problem and they could not do anything to help me. I tried to find worksheets to hand out. They too were missing.

I told my husband and son about this weird dream I had. They did not think it was so weird. They saw the possibility of my ending my teaching career in a bus.

Monday, April 07, 2008

You Gotta Have Heart

"Come and join the student-faculty basketball game this week. We need your HEARTY PRESENCE."

I'm sorry to say that this school has turned my heart to stone. When the day ends, I want to run away as far and as fast as I can. It wasn't always like this.

Years ago activities like this was as much a part of my day as teaching was. During student-faculty games, I, along with my female colleagues, donned cheer leader outfits and cheered our team on. We performed n faculty talent shows and felt the school really was part of who we were.

Principal Suit talks about our school as if we were all one big happy family. But, if that is true, we the teachers are Cinderella and he is the wicked step parent. We are put in the school to serve his needs and his needs only. My heart of stone lets nothing seep in. He has not only robbed me of my school fun, he has robbed my students of having fun with a teacher.

I wish I could say that I am just old and burnt out, that there are lots of young teachers putting on their sneaker and suiting up for the game. There are some, but not enough, not nearly enough to continue the kind of environment I started teaching in.

Inquiry Team

A girl I have been working closely with keeps mentioning the name of an ESL teacher that she is also working with. This struck me as strange, since the girl is African American. She was born in the USA and so were here parents. English is her native language.

Today, I saw Ms. ESL and asked her how she happened to be working with Jen. Ms. ESL told me that she is on the Inquiry Committee and Jen is one of the students the committee is looking at. Ms. ESL wants to do more than look at data so she has been talking to Jen, looking at her work, and trying to come up with strategies to help her.

Ms. ESL told me that the Inquiry Committee is looking for ways to give these kids extra credits towards graduation. They are considering summer school, evening school and Saturday school. They are considering giving kids credit for eating lunch, taking the bus, getting 8 hours of sleep a night, knowing how to use a cell phone or an i-pod, etc, etc, etc. (Only kidding about the last sentence, but trying to make a point.) They are trying to do everything except get to the root of the problem.

Ms. ESL is a teacher. She wants to understand what Jen's problems are and help her fix them. She is tired of looking at data and coming to no helpful conclusions. Everyone knows the kids being studied are failing. No amount of data analysis is going to correct that.

Ms. ESL has come to the conclusion that Jen has some learning disabilities. She needs a very structured learning environment and she would benefit from smaller classes and more individual attention. Ms. ESL has discovered Jen's problem and a possible solution.

Principal Suit says there is no room in the building for small classes. He has no money in the budget for small classes. Interesting, he has a huge office for holding these meetings. He has extra money to pay people to be on Inquiry Committees. He has money for all these extra programs. He has NO RESOURCES to do anything constructive.

Another interesting thing about this Inquiry Committee is that there are no math teachers on it. More kids have trouble passing math than any other subject, but no math teachers are on the committee. This strikes me as ridiculous.

It is time to stop giving lip service to helping kids and really do something to help.

Sunday, April 06, 2008

So This Is Why We There Is No Money For Small Classes

(click to see a readable image)

This is what our school system is spending money on. Imagine, $115,000 a year to analyze data that will tell us what we already know.

From the Money section of Newsday 4/06/08

Saturday, April 05, 2008

Smart Idea--I Think Not

During the spring break, kids who got a 50 the first term of algebra will come to school for five hours a day, five days a week and learn everything they did not learn last semester. At the end of the 25 hours they will be given an exam and if they pass, a credit towards graduation.

No teacher wants to give up their one week off. This work will give blood money a whole new meaning. The kids that will be attending are not exactly the best behaved students in the school. That is not a problem for the school. There are always new teachers that can be coerced into doing this.

This type of learning will have no long lasting effect. Years ago I took a calculus course during the summer. Although I aced the course, I retained almost nothing of what I learned. Speed learning leads to speed forgetting. If it happened to me, a motivated, bright student, imagine how quick it will happen to these kids. My pre-calculus class meets for 2.5 hours but the last half hour is a waste of time. The students reach their learning limit by then. I can't imagine keeping kids motivated and working for five hours straight.

At Friday's meeting Mr. AP told us about this great plan. He said "Don't worry. No one will pass." Ms Can't Keep Her Mouth Shut (me) muttered "Why are we doing this? Why are we setting up the kids for failure?" Mr. AP told me to mind my own business, since I am not going to teach this anyways. I did not even bother answering his rude comment. Some teachers said that the final will be a joke and that the kids will pass. I bet some will pass. These kids will then be put into the classes of Ms. Timid, and people like her and Mr. AP will complain when they cannot pass the regents and blame the teacher.

Instead of spending all this money on boot camp, we should try smaller classes and more individualized private tutoring programs. We have to face the fact that many of these kids have come to high school unprepared to succeed in rigorous courses and we do not have the facilities to help them.

Friday, April 04, 2008

Parent Teacher Afternoon

No SurveysParent teacher afternoon. Instead of giving us an extra few minutes for lunch, we were scheduled for a faculty conference. Suddenly, the meeting was changed to departmental meetings. Why? To give us time to fill out the teacher survey and to show us how to get the kids to fill out their surveys. It seems that our children don't know how to interpret the questions and as a result, they sometimes give the school unsatisfactory ratings. We are supposed to explain to them that "every teacher knowing them" only means that "their teachers should know them." In a school as large as the one I work in, it is impossible for every teacher to know every child and this should be taken into account while filling out the forms. We were supposed to be happy to be able to fill out the survey on school time. I would have been happier to have a longer lunch. That alone, might have improved a couple of my answers (should I decide to fill out the survey. I marked papers during the meeting)

Before we filled out our survey, one teacher read a letter from our chapter leader telling us to fill out the form honestly. The letter also said the administration wanted the surveys done positively so they could reap a nice bonus at the end of the year. I stood up and read my letter about school security and reminded the staff that school safety was a big part of learning.

I, for one, will encourage my students to fill out the forms honestly and interpret the questions any way they see fit. A true market research survey does not interpret the questions for the participants.

We also discussed the math boot camp, but that is another whole posting, probably coming tomorrow.

The meeting broke and went down to the cafeteria for a lunch provided by the PTA. We were all allowed to take one little piece of a hero and some salad. By the time I got there, the vegetarian sandwich and most of the salad was gone. I shouldn't complain. I want to lose 5 pounds so they were just helping me along.

I would have left, but I saw some friends and decided I would hang out with them. The only seat near them was a little corner of a bench. I'm so tired of not having a spot of my own, I just walked away. Most days I am better off alone.

I'm tired, I'm depressed and I am ready to chuck it all. And, then, I am given the biggest hug by the parent of a kid that failed my class. The parent knows I am doing my best to help their child pass and she appreciate me for who I am, my big mouth and all my faults. And, then, I remind myself why I am doing what I am doing.

Thursday, April 03, 2008

Letter Update

Thank You
Principal Suit stopped me in the hall tonight and thanked me for my letter. He told me it was just what he needed and that it was right on the money. He said a guard would be posted outside the trailers.

I'll believe this when I see it, but at least it is a step in the right direction.

Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Update on Yesterday's Event

The following is the letter I left about yesterday's incident. I don't understand why other teachers refuse to speak out. I spoke to our Parent Coordinator today also. She said she would discuss security with the PTA.

April 1, 2008

Dear Mr. Terence,

I am writing again regarding the lack of trailer security. This afternoon, a boy was struck in the face while leaving his trailer and coming into mine. He was covered in blood and his nose was broken. There was no security around. Luckily, a teacher walking by took him to the nurse’s office.

While teaching period 9, a boy tried to walk into my trailer to hand his friend French fries. This time I was able to stop him, but he did disrupt the class for a few minutes. If he was looking to cause trouble, I could not have stopped him.

Last year, a strange man walked into the trailer to use the bathroom. Nothing has been done to stop this from occurring in the future.

There are eight trailer classes with an average of 30 children per class. When periods end, there are almost 500 children walking between the building and the trailers. Yet, there is nothing being done to protect them or their teachers.

At this point, I am ready to send a copy of this letter to the parents association and to all the local newspapers. SOMETHING HAS TO BE DONE TO PROTECT THE STUDENTS WHO GO TO THIS SCHOOL AND THE TEACHERS WHO WORK HERE. Cameras might catch the perpetrators but they are not protecting us. This is not the best school in Queens if it is not safe to be here.

Extremely Pissed Off Teacher

Cc: Principal Suit
Chapter Leader

The guilty kid has been caught and the victim was convinced by the dean in charge not to press charges. I guess, what does it matter if an immigrant kid is hurt. What rights should he have? The victim was back in school. The nose was not broken but a tooth was chipped. Physically he is going to be fine, emotionally, I am not so sure.

Tuesday, April 01, 2008

No Security Needed

Steam is pouring out my ears.

I'm so angry, I feel as if I could assault an administrator.

One of the sweetest boys in my ninth period class today was brutally assaulted as he left his trailer and headed into mine. Some kid swung something at his face and broke his nose. He was covered in blood. He did not know the boy who assaulted him.

There was no security around. We have eight trailer classes. On the average of 30 students per class, that is 480 kids in this area every period.

I want to hurt an administrator because the administrator is the one saying there is no money for security outside. He says we don't need it. We have cameras now. Cameras did a lot to keep this kid from getting hurt.

A kid walked into my ninth period class today to hand his friend french fries. I made him leave (and he did) but there was no security to prevent this from happening.

Last year a man walked in from off the street to use the trailer bathroom. I filed a police report and complained about the lack of security. Still, nothing is being done.

I've had it. Tomorrow I am writing to the principal, the AP in charge of security, the parents association and all the newspapers. I don't want to anyone else to get hurt.