Monday, April 12, 2010

Cut Their Salaries

I totally agree with the article in today's NY Post, NY School Spending Doesn't Add Up. Teachers are paid too much damn money.

I propose teachers roll back their salaries to those of 1964. Teachers don't need housing and food. Their children don't need college educations. Thrift stores can provide them with all the clothing they need. They don't need cars either. Traveling by foot is a perfectly good mode of transportation, the longer the trip, the better the excercise they will get. There is no need to compensate them for their additional degrees and credits earned. And, while we are at it, maybe we can take away health coverage as well.

And, since we are saving money on teachers, we will have more to spend on school surveys. Parents and students have been filling them out for weeks and I got one to fill out today. The card I was given (as we were all given) is 8.5" by 11.0". If salaries are cut, a larger sized cardboard could be used and it could be printed with more vibrant colors. Think of the thousands spent to devise this survey. This amount could be worked up to millions, easily, if only those teachers did not have to get paid so much. And then there are the people that will collect the data, organize it, analyze it, draw the conclusions that Bloomberg wants drawn, and then toss this information in the trash. With more money to be spent, more questions could be answered and the data analysis companies could be better paid.

Raymond Keating is so right. If not for teacher salaries, the city would be in much better fiscal condition.


Anonymous said...

can you please help get the word out on this petition we are circulating.

The school "47" educates deaf & hard of hearing students.
They want to place another school in the building. Doing so would make it dangerously overcrowded. Would appreicate it if you would sign and pass it on.

Thanks for your support.

Chaz said...

I think we should pay them for the oppotunity to educate those little darlings.