Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Their Reactions

The red truck on the left, the one with the double smoke stacks is the one I want to drive. Being at the wheel of one of those would so beat teaching.

Growing up in the projects, weeds were the only flowers I ever saw.

I took a walk after I finished proctoring the geometry test. I needed to de-stress myself. I took the above pictures on the way. (Photography is a great way for me to unwind. I'm going to purchase a Nikon SLR soon! I can't wait to start taking real pictures.)

I met lots of the geometry kids and they were all happy. I don't know if that means they passed or not, but they felt confident. They never felt confident when they left my exams.

I got the following unsolicited e-mails. I really hope they are a good sign.

i hope i passed the regents! it was okayy...

Aw thankks =) wish i did better...[86 on the final was not good enough for this girl] i hope i did good on the regents, i did really well on the MC, i was very nervous and idont know about the short answers.

Ms.POd the regents was not that badd. You really over prepared us
if anything. It was a fair test and a lot simpler then your class tests.
But what I'm trying to say is thank you very much for everything and for
being a GREAT TEACHER. The past 2 semesters

okay ms.POd im going to be so nervous like i was today. [until I know if I passed]

The margarita above was sitting with my name on it ready to relieve the stress the walk did not accomplish. The other drinks belong to my friends. We've decided to continue this tradition in the fall.

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mathman42 said...

Sounds like you did a great job in geometry. I vote for 42 as the passing score. If you know about 42, you would agree. If 20 of your 34 make it, buy yourself another drink. We probably had about 25 out of 75 at that level. Hopefully you were able to use Sketchpad.

Next year will be much more difficult for the " lucky ones ".