Tuesday, June 09, 2009

Conversation With A Student

Me: What happened to your pants? You always dress so well.

Kyle: Ms, I bought them this way.

Me: I didn't know times were so hard for you. I would have bought you a new pair if you really needed them.

Kyle: Ms, these are Abercrombie's. They look mad good on me.

Me: Kyle, you look good in everything, even those Salvation Army rejects.

Kyle: No, Ms, you don't understand. These cost me a lot of money.

Me: No way, those pants would be turned down by Goodwill.

Kyle: Ms, you are too funny. (He turned to leave.) See you next period.


LSquared32 said...

Woo hoo--what a great conversation. There are a lot of pairs of jeans that I see that make me wish for a conversation like that (seriously--if your boxers are showing, you need jeans with fewer holes).

Sonja said...

My 14 year old daughter inherited some pants (size 1 - other girl is now a size 3....ugh!) that look like the picture you posted. And the mother swore herself blue they bought them like that for over $100 !!!!!!!!! holy crap!!!!!!!!! Let me go buy some $15 jean from walmart and give me a pair of scissors and I can do the same thing!!!