Saturday, June 06, 2009


It was a beautiful day to hit the wineries. Those samples used to be free, now they cost some, but not much. One set of 5 samples was all I could handle, then it was just sipping from my husband's glass. (Wine is probably to blame for the fuzzy pictures.) Here is a bit of advice for those of you still looking for a spouse--find someone you are wine compatible with. My husband and I almost never like the same wines which makes it really difficult to make a purchase. (Maybe this is why we usually stick to beer.)

Pindar grapevines. I tried to make this one look like the ones I saw at PD workshop . I think I got the buildings right using the rule of thirds.

I find those heads everywhere. This one was hanging in the tasting room.

A bucket of wine.

This flower was one of the first things we saw at Pindar. I think I got the rule of thirds right with this one.

Giant vats. If you just drank two glasses of wine a day, it would take 415 years to empty one of these things.
Barrel of fermenting wine. These barrels cost $600 each if they are American made and more if they come from France. They are used at most three times and then sold, either to home wine makers or to others who might use them as furniture. One of the major stores uses them to display shirts.

This little guy was wandering around Duck Walk. I just took his picture and let him wander around. He seemed to be having a really good time.

Great fish tank at Duck Walk.

I tried to frame this one using the window in the tasting room. The view was great, too bad you can't see it from this picture.

The girls were posing for a picture. I tried to focus on the bride and anchor the picture with the guy in the background and her friends. This is another area I need lots of help in

My second attempt at framing a shot at Old Fields Winery.

I tried to crop this one to the rule of thirds. I obviously need practice.

Greenpoint. Who would believe this vacation area is only an hour and a half from home.

These guys know how to relax.

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