Wednesday, June 10, 2009


I found a letter in my mail box today congratulating Packemin HS because one of our students won a $1600 scholarship from their organization. The letter was addressed to the principal, with a copy to me as I wrote the recommendation letter. I was ecstatic as none of my letters ever got any recognition before and lots of my students have won awards and have been admitted to prestigious colleges. I continued reading and found out the award ceremony will be taking place in August, in a very nice place, on an evening when I will be home. I thought it would be nice to go. And then,,,,I turned to the next page and found my attendance involved a $60 donation.

I'm thrilled that she won. She is a great, deserving kid. I'm glad I spent the time and effort writing her a good recommendation but I am not ready to spend $60 to congratulate her even more. I'm not that dedicated.


Abstract Randomizer said...

I had exactly the same thing happen to me.
I showed up anyway and guilted the sponsors into eating the "donation" themselves.

NYC Educator said...

That's kind of sleazy. You do a nice thing for a kid by going out of your way to write about her, and then they ask you for a donation? I've gotten hit a few times by "Who's Who in Teaching," or something like that. Some great kid says something good about you, and they want you to buy some stupid vanity book to show your family or something.

Anyway, it's good the kid gets something.