Sunday, June 07, 2009

DC 37

I saw these ads on the F train this morning. I know DC 37 is one of the suckiest unions around but at least this time they are using their money to promote their members. The UFT should take a lesson.


proofoflife said...

Hey, you mean you don't like the million dollar commercials playing on T.V. now from the UFT? It says "our name says teachers, but we care about the students." Fancy that, I think we have two more assessments before schools out! Poor kids!

Schoolgal said...

That UFT ad is a waste of money. Wait until teachers realize Randi supports the continuation of mayoral control even though most of those borough meetings were against it.

DC37 set the standard for taking the worst contracts and now they wake up!!

Ms. Tsouris said...

The UFT dares not mention, not even breathe the name of the United Teachers of Los Angeles, who have been in a labor action for over a month, with support from the public. We might get some screwy idea that a union can behave the way the UTLA does; it appears to support the teacher on some issues, and supports true labor activity, i.e. taking it to the streets.