Saturday, June 13, 2009

Red Hots

Over thirty kids showed up for extra help. At least five were not mine and no matter how adamant I was about only helping my own, I did not turn them away.

We accomplished quite a bit. We went over an entire regents with lots of extra stuff thrown in. The kids know that any time I hand out a worksheet I yell, "Red hots, get your red hots here" so they come in asking for the red hots. Today, they got red hots with extra onions and relish.

As for clocking in, I didn't even know where to get a time card. I took Schoolgal's suggestion and used the back of my regular card, but I don't think that is valid as there are no days on it. Oh well, the money would have been a nice bonus. My husband wouldn't have looked so surprised when I told him I was going to be working four hours, but what's done is done. This wasn't the first money I threw away and I am sure it won't be the last.

I'm exhausted but I feel good. Hopefully the cram session will pay off and they will all pass. And I know that they learned some math and not just the bare minimum needed to get through the exam.


Anonymous said...

Sounds like you had a great day.

I am glad you linked to the meaning of 'red hots'. In my mind I pictured the red hot candies that are popular here and I could not figure out the extra onions and relish. After I read the link it made perfect sense.

Abstract Randomizer said...

This is one of those moments that makes perfect sense to most teachers but elicits a vacant "WTF?" expression on anyone who isn't in the biz.
Why do we do it?
Because, in spite of the aggravation and bureaucracy and soul-killing meetings and rules and limitations...we still care about the kids, don't we?
Kudos, POTeacher!
There are rewards for this somewhere and somehow, but not in the Real World.

Anonymous said...

Those students were lucky and I know you felt good too. However, you deserve the pay.

I hope when you go in on Monday you ask the secty for a time card and time sheet, put your personal info on it and the name of the program you covered, and ask your AP to write in the time. Then fill out the time sheet and return it and the time card to the secty or whoever is in charge of that collection.

Why didn't you ask the secty for a time card before you left on Friday??

Pissedoffteacher said...

I am going to ask about getting paid tomorrow.

I didn't realize getting paid was an option when I left on Friday so I didn't ask for the card. This Saturday was the fourth non teaching day this year I came in to work with the kids. Since I never got paid before, I didn't expect it to happen this time.

I've been coming in on Saturdays, Sundays and vacation days for as many years as I am teaching. I've never got paid extra.