Sunday, June 21, 2009

High Line Park

When I am on a mission, nothing stops me. Today's rain might have made a normal person stop and think, but not me. I was only a mile from my goal, so, armed with my trusty umbrella, I kept walking. (I'm glad my husband stayed home. I love him but he is a woos when it comes to walking in a park in the rain.)

I wanted to see High Line Park, the new park in the city built above ground, running from the Meat Packing District, on Gavensport to 20th St between 10th and 11th Ave. When completed, the park will run to 34th St. I got off the train at 47th and 6th (I was tired of sitting), walked my daughter to her $1 bus for her return trip to Baltimore and then headed down. Since I was already on 33rd and 7th, a few more blocks wouldn't hurt. Little did I know that the only entrance to the park was the one south of 14th St.

I stopped at the Chelsea Market along the way. Everything looked so good, but since I pigged out at breakfast, looking was all I did. (I did not even photograph the food.)

The park is spectacular. It is built above the city, on an old railroad line. The tracks are still there. The view is unbelievable. As you can see from the pictures, I was not the only one to brave today's weather. I bet no one walked as far as I did to get there.

The view from the glass window pictured below this one.

Street view of the above window.

Nice lounge chairs along the way.

I tried to frame this guy. through the arches in a small area of park.

The benches all had "slides" attached. The kids were having a ball going up and down them.

Flowers between the tracks.

New buildings


These two were actually posing for someone elses picture. They were looking up ahead to where the park will be extend to.

I want to live in the city so badly I would trade my house for this. Unfortunately, I would have to give up my husband too and that I am not ready to do.

If only I could afford this......

Another attempt at framing. NJ is in the background.

These bridges between buildings always fascinated me.

Old building

I had to cheat and walk off the path to get the next two. They were in some one's yard.

Almost took a mini cruise from here once. We backed out at the last minute and had dinner in the village instead.

Meat Packing Trucks. In all my trips to the city, this was my first visit here. I am planning on going back to really explore the area.
I always liked these vertical parking lots. (I never trust my car in one of them.) The stairway down gave me a good view of them.

More new construction

Another old building

Area is really being built up.
More picture tomorrow. I have some good shots of Times Square area to share.

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ed notes online said...

We drove under the High Line at around 6:30 tonight on the way to a show. Was that you I saw hanging down from the edge upside down taking pics?