Sunday, June 14, 2009

I Am Someone's Star

Millie stopped me in the hall and asked me where I would be period 8. I told her and asked her why. She cooly said "The Easter bunny might be paying you a visit." While I thought this odd, I've been teaching long enought to expect anything, so I said "Okay, but that is my crazy class, he might get scared." I forgot the conversation as soon as the class began.

Midway into the period, there was a knock at the door and I looked out to see Millie, her mom and her sister holding the flowers above and a box. They came by to thank me for helping Millie these past four years. They claimed she would not be graduating without my help. I know that is not a true statement.

The flowers are fantastic and the box held the above trophy. I could only post a picture of the back because the front is engraved with my name and the family name. (If I ever learn to use photo shop I know I will be able to wipe the stuff I don't want to print out.) It is something that I will treasure forever.

My name is engraved in the star and the base has the following words:

Thank you for

your patience amd

dedication to teaching

XXXXX Family--



ChiTown Girl said...

Beautiful, simply beautiful. These are the things that keep you coming back every morning. :)

mathematicamama said...

Good job! Hugs, trophies, flowers...the best reward is passing scores and students who have learned the material. I got a $10 movie gift card and a $25 Olive Garden gift card, but having these 2 young ladies pass the SOLs was my best gift. They both met with me on most Saturdays (since Thanksgiving)at the library -for free- while my youngest was at karate.
Such a coincidence: the word verification I need to type to publish this comment is "knogrow"

Anonymous said...

Well deserved!!!