Saturday, June 13, 2009

Abuse Is Unforgettable

Rita and Larry

It is hard to forget abuse, no matter how good things are now, those awful memories linger with you and you are always waiting for the other shoe to drop, for things to change. No matter what, you never let your guard down.

Rita and Larry were strays, abandoned at my house by their mom. Although I never really liked cats, I couldn't let these two little babies die in the winter, so we took them in. We've given them love, food, care and a safe environment to live in, but they are always careful. Larry is afraid of strangers and hides whenever the doorbell rings and when we have company. He does cuddle with us and seems to be happy around us. Rita is aloof. She is always on guard and doesn't let anyone hold her or pick her up. I have no idea what happened to them before we took them in, but I suspect there might have been some abuse, somewhere.

Cats never forget the treatment they have been subjected to. I think I finally understand how Rita and Larry feel.

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The Bus Driver said...

AWWW! My two were abandoned animals too.

Jake is my big lover boy. For the abuse he suffered, he is quite loveable. He was neutered and FULLY declawed, then dumped outside, Person 2 found him and took him in, then abandoned him in an apartment. Person 3 claimed him, and passed him off to Person 4. Person 4 decided she didnt want him and offered him to me. I said yes without a moments hesitation, about 5 yrs ago, he came to live with me.

For the first year and a half, he was always anxious when I'd leave the house for any amount of time. My original job required me to be away for several days, leaving him with a self feeder. When I quit the job and started to come home at night, he seemed to settle down quite a bit, but was always still anxious every time I'd leave.

Then about a year after I got Jake, I found PJ (my dainty little girl) on the side of the road. She was soaking wet (from thunderstorm/rain) and all skin and bones. She was about 8 weeks old and had clearly been dumped outside. She clawed her way up my leg and has never let go since. To this day, she doesnt like thunderstorms or rain, AND she doesnt like being carried near the exit of the apartment. She will grip me with her claws as if to say, "DON'T PUT ME DOWN!!!"

She also doesnt like visitors and will hide from them until she feels comfortable.