Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Seventh Ave--Midtown

OTB--my father-in-law (who I loved dearly) was addicted to this place so I have special feelings for all the men hanging outside.
Gargoyle--you don't have to go to Europe to see them, they are all over NYC

Love the detail on this building.

Old Jewish man in garment district.

Fashion district--garment center

People claim that you can't find a decent bathroom in NYC. That just is not true. You have to know where to look. If you happen to be on 7h Ave in the lower 30's, try the one in the LIRR waiting room in Penn Station. It is brand new, spotlessly clean.

Automatic sink and soap . Also, hand towels and blow dryers. What more can anyone want?

Seat covers in every stall.
As you must know by now, I am obsessed with bathrooms.

The Bolt for a Buck bus, the one my daughter took back to Baltimore. This has got to be the best value ever. (It actually cost her $15.50 round trip but it was still a great bargain.)

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