Friday, June 12, 2009

Last Minute Cram Session

Tomorrow I'm all set to meet with my geometry students to do a last minute cram session for the regents and the final. They drove me crazy all term but individually I love all but one of them and I really want to see them pass. I even turned down an opportunity to go to Disney World this weekend so I could work with them. ( I know, I am insane. I've been told that many times.)

As I was leaving, Mr. AP mentioned something about my getting paid for tomorrow. That, I find hard to believe. I tried to find out some details before I left but there was no one around. If there is money to pay a tutor, why wait until 2:00 on a Friday to say something about it? He told me to clock in (I don't even think I could get a time card on a Saturday,) but I think I will pass on that.

I don't want to work in a mad house. And, I don't want to tutor the entire school for free. I want my kids to succeed. If even half of my students show up, it will be more than I can handle, but I will try. The other kids will just have to fend with the one tutor the school pays for.


17 (really 15) more years said...

PO'd- clock in and out on your regular time card (if you can't find one in your main office), and figure out the rest later. Take the money- you deserve it, and so much more. Per session is about 40 bucks an hour these days - use that money to buy ice cream and beer!

Rachel Grynberg said...

I know exactly how you feel and there is a certain freedom which comes from not getting paid. But, you should clock in, if you can. Someone can dig up a timecard. That DOES NOT mean you have to take everyone. You just take the kids whom you planned to take. They've been prepared by you all along so the session has been designed FOR THEM and no one else.

I have a session tomorrow, too. I tried to see if we could add Sunday, but no dice -- school not open. I can't get paid for this even though there was money...long story.

The important thing is to set your boundaries whether you are paid or not. When you don't set your boundaries, the kids and you lose.

I learned the hard way. Don't run yourself into the ground....

Anonymous said...

You are crazy if you don't put in for the money.

a: You deserve it
b: It's pensionable
c: It sends a message that teachers are worth it.

Sometimes you just spite yourself for no reason. Getting paid is no "trick".

There are usally cards in the main office in some office cabinet that is kept open. Also make sure you fill out the time sheet before the 16th and give it to your payroll secty.