Saturday, June 27, 2009

The Prize Fighter

I'm a fighter. Knock me down and I'll get up and keep on fighting. Punch me, I'll punch you back. Maybe I am too stupid to quit or maybe I am just stubborn, but I never give up. I might be injured badly. I might be bleeding, but I won't stop. You might be hurting me but I'll keep giving it to you back and you will not see my pain.

The Suit Free school year has come to an end and for once I am ending the year without any broken limbs and blood stained clothes. I know there were years I was the victor in our battles, but I was injured nevertheless. Right now, I keep looking for some wound I missed and I can't find it. I can't believe that I don't hurt anywhere and it feels so good. But, I am not secure. I don't trust. My antennae is always up and I am ready and willing to get back in the ring whenever necessary.

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Anonymous said...

I think in some way, the staff has recognized your dedication to students and your achievements like getting better security for the school, and that's why you are now a delegate.

They may also see a change (and hopefully for the better) with a new administrator who has shown you respect and for the first time recognized how deserving you are of that term.

For so many years, I have labeled your staff "idiots" for not being able to see the forest through the trees (for the trees??). They made fear rule them. I think Mr. Tie (and you) who never wavered and continued to show courage, proved that standing up for what is right should be valued. When I think of the Iranians facing punishment and death to stand up for what is right, and then think of teachers who follow Randi's undemocratic leadership and swallow whatever she spits out, I fear for the future of the teaching profession.