Wednesday, June 03, 2009

Let Little Boys Be Little Boys

I was chatting with a cute little guy and his mom yesterday. The little guy was on the tall side, so I guessed that he was in first grade. His mom said no, he was only four and in pre-kindergarten. I asked him if it was fun and if he got to play. His mom told me that his school was very structured and although they did get some play time, most of the time was spent learning how to write and to read. She told me he needed the structure. He spent too much time playing and fooling around.

I felt sad for this little boy when I left them. A four year old is supposed to play. While it is nice to learn to read and write, play time is important too. There is time enough for formal learning. My daughter knew all her letters and numbers before she could walk. When she was a year-old she knew that when the clock said 7 0 0 we got up. I used to change the time to get to sleep later. I was glad my son knew his numbers by the time he was 16 (only kidding, but he was much older than a year) and he did not start reading until third grade. Both of my kids are successful in their careers. My illiterate little boy is a successful computer engineer. His late start did nothing to impede his development.

This little guy was just being a little guy. I know his mom really loves him and wants the best for him. I just hope she learns to let him relax and enjoy life now. I wish society would let him relax and enjoy being a little kid. He has time enough for stress when he gets older.

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dkuroiwa said...

I have to tell you that reading this has made me feel a gazillion times better today!
My youngest son, a first-grader, is not meeting the expectations of the teacher and is lagging behind the others in writing, reading and math. WE work with him at home, when we can but according to her not enough. grrrrrrr.
Ask him though about bugs or beetles or the little lizards he has in a fish tank and he can tell you things that, seriously? I have no clue as to where he got that information.
He is going to be okay.
His brother, turned out okay and is doing fine.
I just wish that others would just. let. them. be. little boys.
Let the pressure of the world hit them when they are more of an age to handle it.
Thank you inviting me into your "boat"!!!