Friday, June 12, 2009

Credit Recover and Joel Klein's Direct Harm To Students

Read it here, by the Rubber Room Reporter.


Chaz said...

I know that some ICE members have questioned Betsy's motives since she works for the UFT. However, I can tell you that she really cares about teachers.

Anonymous said...

Elementary students have something similar. I had to give a "promotional assessment" at the end of the year to the students that were on the holdover list. If they passed a pretty easy rubric, they were promoted. The year before I left the classroom, the rules were changed for students who were under the special ed umbrella did not have to take this assessment and were automatically passed. Now I taught 5th grade so these kids were automatically sent to the Jr. H.S. even though they were not prepared. This of course is social promotion, but the media ignores the facts.


Highly Effective King Clovis said...

A teacher in my dept. termed it "Institutional Slavery" and if you think about the population, there's an argument there.

These kids are passed along through the system without any real success at gaining any knowledge throughout their time in the school system. Think about when they go to college, and they will, since Our Dear President wants everyone in college. Colleges have to offer Remedial classes in basic courses like writing, just to get students to have a shot at being at the level they should be at. It's a nightmare really.

We are creating a future of dumbed down people, who had no knowledge of anything, because they have been passed along. All while the Ed Secretary wants to make teacher performance based on test scores. When that happens, no one will ever "fail."