Monday, March 16, 2009

Sorry to Disappoint

They don't allow cameras in a casino so you will have to settle for the bathroom picture. They have some real nice facilities.

Those of you holding my retirement papers should not get too excited. I did not win enough at Empire City to fill them out. My dad knows how cheap I am when it comes to gambling, so he bankrolled me. Even with his money, I could not get myself to throw more than $5.00 into those machines.

My dad is another story. He loves that stuff. He walks in, finds a machine that looks lucky and sits down to play. He talks to the machine, tells it to be nice and give him what he wants. He gets upset when it doesn't. My dad is a bright, rational man but there must be some I am missing that is turning his brain to jelly at the casino.

My dad got mad at me when I started laughing at him. He was all excited when he hit 3 7's. But, when he saw his winning, $2.50, he got upset again. I just laughed harder. "It's not funny", he yelled. "Yes it is. You gambled $.05, how much do you expect to win?"

Anyways, the day was a huge success. Sundays are the hardest day of the week for him and our little trip kept him occupied. And,while I lost, he started with $1, built that dollar up to $30 before he lost it all after two and a half hours. He went home very happy.

Last Sunday, I kept him company in the ER. This week was much, much better.

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Ms. Tsouris said...

Empire City trumps the ER anytime!! I'm glad you all had such fun.