Thursday, March 19, 2009

Get Your Picture On The Wall

Packemin HS needs a TEN MOST WANTED poster. It should be a poster of the ten biggest cutters in the school. It should be hung in the deans office, in every department office and in the hallways. . Their pictures should be published in the weekly newsletter.

Not only will they be more easily apprehended, they might actually stop cutting for fear of being exposed.

I don't suppose this is entirely legal but maybe a version of it can be. Equipping security guards and deans with pictures might be a good start. And, there should be nothing wrong with the pictures hanging in certain places.

A program like this now might prevent credit recovery programs in the future.


Chaz said...


That is in violation of Chancellor's regulations A-420 and A-421 for belittling those little angels. by You can find yourself in the "rubber room" by identifying the cutters. According to the DOE. The truth is irrelevant when accusing the teacher of misconduct.

Pissedoffteacher said...

I didn't think it was legal, but I liked the idea.

I've been working with one of our biggest cutters and I got the head of security on her case today as well. The more people that know her, the better chance she has of getting to class.

I'm hoping some brilliant administrator (I know--oxy moron here) can come up with a way to do something like this legally.

JUSTICE not "just us" said...

Here is how the system undermines the work ethic:

In my soon to be defunct school we had PM school, Saturday school, Summer school and Credit Recovery. The kids would tell me if I don't pass your class in regular school I will pass it in PM school. If I don't pass it in PM school I will pass it in Summer school. If I don't have enough credits to graduate, those that got that far, I will take credit recovery and get my high school diploma.

The kids know how to play the game. They know they can cut or not show up at all and they will pass--no matter what! The principal and their lackeys look the other way. The teachers say nothing and on and on it goes.
Kids don't have to work hard to earn a grade because the grade is meaningless. We know it and they know it until they get to college and find out they will now have to make up all the work they did not do in high school. Now I ask you, is it not better to cut classes here and there when you can "make up" the class anytime you want or work your butt off and be labelled a nerd by your "kool" peers?

Anonymous said...

Might also violate privacy rules.

17 (really 15) more years said...

I can think of some administrators that should go on a poster....