Saturday, March 14, 2009

It Is Never Too Late To Post

It is after midnight and I should be in bed as I am getting up early tomorrow to take my dad to Empire City. If I get lucky, I might be able to turn my $1 into mega bucks and retire. (Nah, who would be around to cause trouble in the schools if I did that?)

I could not go to bed without checking the blog and my e-mail. Two e-mails really cracked me up.

This one from a former student:

Hey Mrs. Pod! (Or should I call you Rita already?)

This is M from your AP Calc class from forever ago. I just wanted to wish you a Happy Pi Day!I'm still keeping up with your day to day postings. It's nice to see that the new principal is finally doing some good for the school. Keep it up with the kids. They love you and respect you! You keep the glimmer in their eyes and their minds on their futures. I miss you!--M

And this one from a current student:

hello ms POd Just wishing you a happy pi day on march 14 at 3:14 pm!

I got on the subway with no real destination and then decided to get off at Times Square. That station always fascinated me.

And now , some Times Square train station photos.

This poor guy had to carry this heavy cart down many steps.

We run around the station and never stop to admire the scenery. I'm glad I told my husband to meet me later on so I had time to enjoy the station artwork. There are lots more of these, equally as interesting.

These mosaics are fantastic. I have tons more pictures that still need some editing.

These signs are on the ceilings that connect the E train to some of the other lines.

I prefer the stairs to these.

I grew up on this subway line.

I loved this mural.

These turn styles scare me. I've walked many blocks to avoid them. Sorry to disappoint, but this is one bathroom I did not use, so there are no pictures. I have never been desperate enough to use a subway toilet.

Not one of my favorite shows, not the worst either but I would recommend skipping it.

I loved the tee shirt. Too bad I am too old to get away with wearing it. If Suit were still Principal, I might have been tempted to buy it for him. But I probably could never have overlooked this quality of his.

I had to hit my favorite shoe store. The outlet upstairs had 50% off all their already reduced shoes. I got the above for only $20 a pair. My husband bitched about having to carry them home, but that's life. At least he didn't have to wait around while I shopped for them.

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NYC Educator said...

Thanks for taking us along on your trips through the city. I'm usually out of town on weekends, and it's nice to know what I'm missing.