Saturday, March 21, 2009

Stupid Teacher Needs A Psychiatrist

Twerp Boy was failing geometry, failing it with grades in the teens. Twerp Boy has to pass his classes as he wants to remain on the baseball team.

Stupid Teacher (me) opens her big mouth and asks Twerp Boy's teacher when the class meets. Stupid Teacher then says "My class meets the same period It is the repeater class. We go much slower. There is room so let's transfer him." The teacher says, "I tried. I was told no." Stupid Teacher says, "Give me his name. I'll get it done. For some reason, the guidance staff always listens to me."

Stupid Teacher goes to the guidance counselor who starts twitching the minute she walks into the office and when Stupid Teacher makes the request, the guidance counselor is more than happy to oblige. Stupid Teacher then tracks down Twerp Boy, who she has never met, and gives him the proposition. She stresses that it will not be a free ride, it will just be a softer one. Twerp Boy jumps at the opportunity.

Twerp Boy is now in Stupid Teacher's class. He is sitting in the back and doing nothing. Stupid Teacher tries to get him engaged. Twerp Boy says "Why are you bothering me? I'm not doing anything." Stupid Teacher answers "My point exactly."

Stupid Teacher and Twerp Boy go at it for a few days. They argue in class and in the halls. (Twerp Boy is always in the halls.) Then, Twerp Boy misses an exam. He claims to have been sick and promises to bring a note on Monday. Stupid Teacher just replies, "Don't bother. I'm just going to call your parents and they can vouch for you."

Twerp Boy is visibly upset. He gets to class nice and early and sits near the front. Stupid Teacher says, "I just got a phone call from your dad with the work number and a message to call anytime." Twerp Boy is not happy and starts to work harder than Stupid Teacher has seen him working . Then, he tells Stupid Teacher he needs to use the bathroom. She tries to stall him but then realizes she better let him go, it might be real. He disappears for 15 minutes and returns with some lame brain excuse about being detained by a dean. Stupid Teacher is not happy. She promises to get to dad before going home. Twerp Boy tries to give Stupid Teacher a phony phone number. Stupid Teacher is stupid, but not that stupid. Twerp Boy sends his friend to plead his case. Stupid Teacher does not buy into it.

Well, it took 5 tries and 20 minutes, but Stupid Teacher gets through to Twerp Boy's dad. Dad is thrilled she called. He promises to take care of Twerp Boy and make sure he does what he is supposed to do. Stupid Teacher goes home feeling like she accomplished something.

Stupid Teacher should learn to mind her own business. Twerp Boy was someone elses problem. Why did she have to get involved to make the problem hers? Doesn't she deal with enough dysfunctional kids? Stupid Teacher needs to get her head examined.


Chaz said...

I do the same thing and yes it can get you in trouble but caring and dedicated teachers do this. Too bad the DOE does not see this.

Pissedoffteacher said...

I am too old to start changing the way I do things because of the DOE. I'll take my chances and keep on being me.

I never got rewards before and I don't expect them now. My only rewards come from the kids.

Our ex-principal even told me to transfer schools. So, not only was I not rewarded, I was despised. So now I am happy to work in an atmosphere where I am not considered the number one enemy of those in charge.

Anonymous said...


Honestly, PO, I've done something similar. I intervened on behalf of a student I did not teach, with positive results.

So, I give the teacher props.

yomister said...

"I never got rewards before and I don't expect them now. My only rewards come from the kids."

Thank you for this post.

ChiTown Girl said...

Stupid Teacher's problem is that she is dedicated to her job and committed to her (any!) students. Kudos, Stupid Teacher!!

The Bus Driver said...

i'd be interested to find out if fellow teacher tried calling twerpboy's dad and finding out if it had an effect.

i think you are a wonderful teacher.

Hopefully twerpboy will see that.

Pissedoffteacher said...

Not wonderful, just plain crazy

Grammatically Delicious Designs said...

Good job Stupid Teacher! I'm guessing no one else has giving his education this kind of attention, ever. I teach every kid in our high school, every year. I get into this trouble my agreeing to tutor struggling kids during my prep time. Now that is really 'Stupid Teacher!'


CaliforniaTeacherGuy said...

There's nothing wrong with your HEART!