Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Now Try Doing That Every Day

The observation by the Quality Review people reminded me of the only other time I was observed by multiple people. Since I still have no confidence in what happened this time, I'll relive the past one. (I've been told this one went well, but I can't figure out why it did.)

When I first started at Packemin HS, I was assigned to teach math in the special education department. My former school had lots of remedial classes and I really liked those kids. I didn't think the special education kids could be much lower functioning and I wasn't wrong.

Although I was not a new teacher, I was fairly new to this building when the coordinator of the department came to me and said, "Ms. POd, on Friday there will be 10 supervisors from around the city here to observe your class." I almost wet my pants. Not only did I hate being observed, I was not around that long and I had no special education training. I tried to plead my way out. "No, she said. Don't worry. This will not affect you at all." It was easy for her to say and impossible for me to believe.

I told the kids what was going to happen. I emphasized that they were not being observed. Some of these kids were ultra sensitive and I did not want to put any pressure on them. I said, just be yourselves only try to do it without talking so much."

The big day came. The supervisors crowded into the room. I taught and survived the 40 minute class. I don't know what these guys thought because true to my supervisor's word, no one spoke to me about it. The big thing I remember from the day is that as everyone was leaving, one of the wise guys in the class threw his arms around me and said
"Great job Ms. POd, now try doing that every day."
He smiled as he walked out the door. I know the supervisors heard this. At least one of them snickered. I know I turned bright red and wanted to fall through the floor. I still wonder if they think the comment was true.

Stay tuned, I am eventually going to get the courage to publish what I wrote about the Quality Review. Writing about this one took me over twenty years. Hopefully that one will happen sooner.

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Anonymous said...

I think a good reviewer knew by the class dynamics if the lesson was staged or not.

Those PASS reviews were hard because every teacher got visited. Today the Klein reviews are hand picked by the principal.