Sunday, March 01, 2009

Riding The E Train

Matinee tickets to Pal Joey got me a ride on the brand new E trains. At least I can see where some of my money is now going. These trains have active maps that light up and tell you exactly where the next stop will be and how many stops it is until your station. They also say which stops will be skipped. The voice that announces stops is loud and clear and can actually be understood. The play was good but my day was made by the subway ride. Yes, I know, I am a cheap date. Nice, bright and clean

Light up map that changes at each station

She was too busy checking her phone to see me taking her picture.

This guy had a good nap. He didn't notice me either.

Just wanted to point out the overhead racks. You have to be really tall to use these.

Bonus picture--for any Seinfeld fans (I'm not one of them) Soup Nazi--closed now but on 53rd between 8th and 9th if you are interested.

Now I better go finish writing lessons for tomorrow.

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Anonymous said...

Hate the subway - hate the subway - will always hate the subway. After 28 years of riding it with all of its noxious odors (farts included) and a few derailings, my wish is to never have to ride the subway again. But I'm glad you love it. At least someone does, and I'm glad they finally got some new clean trains on the E line. Love your postings.