Friday, March 13, 2009

Challenge To Mr. Educational Scientist

I wasn't sure until recently whether the Educational Scientist was a male or a female, but I am pretty confident now that person is male.

I've let the Educational Scientist have the last word in the debate and he can't stand it. I've used the same technique on my husband for years and it drives him crazy too. My husband knows that I am never wrong but to end the argument, I say, "Fine." He knows that it is not fine with me, but since I have "given in" the discussion is over. I've used the same technique on Mr. AP for years and I know he hates it as well. Only a man would keep on going after he has won like this.

So now that I have figured you out, Mr. Educational Scientist, I have a challenge for you.

You've been telling us about David, so now I am going to tell you about Rosie. I challenge you to come up with a plan that I can bring to work to save her before she needs credit recovery and has a school schedule that lasts eight days a week, 25 hours a day.

Rosie is a cute little girl in my geometry class. She has a major cutting problem, not only in my class but in all her classes. Truth be told, she probably comes to my class more than she goes to most others. Lucky me, she likes me. Her mom knows, her guidance counselor knows, the deans know, everyone knows about her problem. Today her mom was almost in tears when I called again to tell her that Rosie was cutting.

Earlier this week I confronted Rosie in front of the Principal's office about her cutting. He came out and got involved, talked to Rosie and tried to get her back on target. The next day she told me she needed to talk to him but was picked up with my pass on the third floor no where near his office. A day later, I saw Rosie and the principal at the same time. I confronted her again, in front of him about the pass. He again spoke to her and tried to get her to do the right thing. So far, no one is having any success with getting her to do the right thing..

So now that you know the whole story Mr. Educational Scientist, come up with a feasible plan that can be used to get Rosie back on target before she becomes a statistic in the "slam, bang, thank you mam" school statistics.
(A good nap after work helped me think of this challenge.)


Anonymous said...

** The Educational Scientist is in his laboratory concocting a solution to this challenge.

Anonymous said...

this is actually to simple to spend so much time on. My guess this young lady is extremely distracted and has become unfocused. Clearly education is not her priority.

I suggest you look at her data closely to see what her past schooling looks like.

I would also recommend a Guidance Referral. If your Principal came out and was part of the conversation with the girl at least once, it behooves him to get involved with the Guidance referral. It would seem that a sit down with the Principal, Guidance Counselor, Parents and maybe even you would help this young lady tremendously.

Sometimes an emotional confrontation like that can be the thing that turns a kid around.

March into your Principal's office and ask him to get involved. The only way to help students is to get everyone involved.... It takes a village to raise a child.

Sounds like you are one of the Village's warriors and wise elders all wrapped up in one.

If that doesn't work, I have a few other concoctions in my bag of tricks. However, you have to start there.

Pissedoffteacher said...

I have an emotional thing about marching into principal's offices. My experiences there have not been pleasant in the past and I can't get past those feelings. I try to avoid that office at all costs. I will copy your response and e-mail it to him. He's a good guy--he'll try to help her. Thanks and I will keep you informed.