Tuesday, March 03, 2009

Open Night Mic

Friday night was Open Mic Night at my school. I challenged the kids to do a rap or something else calculus (or any math in my other class) related. I promised five extra points for anyone willing to do it. One student promised to oblige. Because of this, I was forced to attend. I'm not sorry I did. I had a great time. Not only were there top kids there, but there were kids from all walks of school. My friend sent me her poem, which I share now. I wish I could put up her video for everyone to see and enjoy.

MY rap about Calculus :)

This one goes out to you Ms. POd

When I decided to take AP Calculus,
Most of my friends thought it was ridiculous,
I was persistent cuz i wanted them to see,
That the derivative of position equals velocity,
Then they asked about acceleration,
and I told them to find the slope of the velocity equation,
They were amazed they stared in awe,
Then I told them about the trigonometry law,
Sine, cosine, tan of theta
Plug them all into your graphin calculator,
This rap is so fly, but I'm almost done,
But I gota discuss local min and maximums,
Find them by doing f prime
so that 9x+5 becomes nine,
Rate of change-Mean Value Theorem---MAKE THE connECTION
CAN I GET A WA WA from the AP Calculus Section!

I luv u Ms.Pod

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Kim Hughey said...

That's awesome!