Tuesday, March 24, 2009

International Festival

Our school had its International Festival this weekend. I only got to see half as I was celebrating a friend's birthday. However we finished eating early, sang a quick happy birthday and then I ditched them to go back to school.

Here is a picture of Rosie and her friend. Rosie was so happy to see me there. I hope she keeps her promise to start going to all her classes from now on. I e-mailed Rosie's mom to tell her Rosie missed class on Friday (she knew) and included the picture (with the heads.) She was thrilled. Here is a picture of me an my belly dancers. The girls are Muslims and Jews--a great mix. These are the kids that can solve all the problems in the mid east if they get a chance. The girl with the long sleeves next to me is the one whose tongue I want to rip out.

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